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[SNS UPDATES] 180126 Dara Thanks Thailand Blackjacks for the Enjoyable Night @ Adidas Central World


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[SNS UPDATES] 180118 DaraTV Spoiler + Dara Enjoys Her Time as She Waits for Her Turn Being the Olympics Torch Bearer

DaraTV next episode spoiler 😂 DaraTV spoiler


While waiting for the torch relay with Jjangmae… I used to be a rollerskater too… Don’t ask what rank~ You’ve done it aleast once in your life too Hahaha…

Cheering for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics~!!! Our athletes~ Hwaiting hwaiting YaYaYa!!!


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[TWITTER] Dara updates fans through ‘Ssantokki Zone’ that she’ll attend MBC Entertainment Awards!

Dara: “Ah right.. There is no Blackjack Zone already..! 😢So in that case I’ll relay the schedule in Ssantokki-zone~🐰 #DARASCHEDULE On Dec.29 (Friday) at 8:55 PM. – Dara will attend 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards”

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[SNS UPDATE] Ssan-ta Dara uploaded photos and video of her taken by CL-tographer, and shares her “Dara-Bar”

Dara: “Photo by CLtographer 🤣🤣🤣📷”

Dara: “I was asked for a video message so i had to film one but… it kept on becoming a NG because of Chaerin ㅋㅋㅋ It’s always fun and we always laugh when we are together. 🤣😘 super naughty and cutie cl always make me smile 😁”

Dara: “A Dara bar appears in our house 😍 Thank you very much to this really cool exclusive Dara refrigerator!!! 🙏🏻  Let’s drink!!!”

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[PHOTOS] 171201 – Bolder, Braver and Stronger Sandara Park for PENSHOPPE Presents: DARA

First of all, I know all Blackjacks want to say this so, Penshoppe especially to its Creative Brand Director Sir Jeff Bascon, thank you very veryyy much for making this mini-concert/fan-meet happen!

Everything about this event is breath-taking, the set, the lights, the venue, the live band and of course our very own Sandara Park, for lighting up the whole KIA Theater with her hot and outstanding performance of 2NE1 songs ❤ We love you to the moon and back, Dara!

Enjoy the photos, Blackjacks!

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[SNS UPDATES] 171129 First Day of Rehearsal — Sandara Shares Snippet of Fire, Dara Version

[PHOTOS] 171128 PENSHOPPE’s Photos of Radiant, Beautiful Dara Arriving in the Philippines + Video Greeting for Fans

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[INSTAGRAM] 171128 Sandara Park Arrives in the Philippines ~ “Manila, I’m Back!”

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