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[SNS UPDATE] Sandara Park invites everyone to come and play with them at the Suecomma Bonnie X YOOX Pop-up Store at D.D.P. Event Box during Seoul Fashion Week!

Dara: @yoox #YOOXxSUECOMMABONNIE Launching of the #YOOX & #SuecommaBonnie capsule collection where I participated in designing~!!! 😆👏🏻🎉 We have an event box at DDP during Fashion Week so come and see us~!!! 😀🙏🏻 This is what summer is!!! ☀️😎”

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[NEWS] JTBC “Talking Street” Sandara Park, “Dating Rumors with G-Dragon? I Don’t Date Within the Company“ + Official Cuts from JTBC Talking Streets


Sandara Park talked about the “dating scandal” with fellow YG labelmate, G-Dragon.

Recently, JTBC reported that Sandara Park, Seo Janghoon, and journalist Im Gyeong Seon had filmed for an episode of Talking Street (As I Say).

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[INSTAGRAM] Dara shares a Black and White photos with 2NE1 members, CL and Park Bom

Dara:Remember the promises we made together
Tears are falling”

Dara: “When you wanna lean on someone, come to me
Though I can’t be with you forever
It’s just for a moment”

Dara: “Empathy”

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[FAN-ACCOUNT] a student of J Life School went to a Class where Sandara Park practice her speech for JTBC’s “Talking Street”

3% Communication Valuable Speech

After the lesson, Minho Seonsaengnim told us that “Today at 2:30 PM Sandara Park will come and have her speech and if you are free please come and give a feedback.” Kkyaa~ ~~~ Teacher Minho is JTBC “Talking Road” speech coach. He is really cool.

That’s why we, students of J Life School think this a chance to listen to a celebrity’s speech beforehand.

She is from 2NE1 that I like very much but I pretend to have hawk-like eyes and kept myself composed as we gave feedback to her speech.
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[INSTAGRAM] Dara posted a photo with Park Myungsoo and Ryan Bang, greets everyone a “Happy New Year”

Dara: “With cool DJ G. Park Myungsoo oppa on this year’s end!!! 🎤😎 It was very nice to also meet my kind dongsaeng Ryan in Korea~ >.< Happy new year everyone and let’s all be happy this 2017!!! 🎉🎊🙏🏻”

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[ARTICLE] How Does Sandara Park Really Feel About YG’s Famous Cafeteria Food?

On the July 27 episode of “Wednesday Food Talk,” Sandara Park revealed her true feelings about YG Entertainment’s famous cafeteria.


“I personally liked the cafeteria,” she said. “I ate lunch, dinner, and snacks there. But when the cafeteria tried out a feedback system, lots of people commented that the food was too salty or spicy. They decided to make healthier food after that.”

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