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[ARTICLE] 2NE1, Wins #1 on ‘Music Core’ Even without Making an Appearance


2NE1 won the victory in ‘Music Core.’

In MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ aired on 30th, 2NE1′s ‘Missing You’ won the top honor defeating Davichi’s ‘The Letter’ and Lee Jeok’s ‘Lie Lie Lie.’

However, 2NE1 could not make an appearance in the program and MCs had to announce that they will deliver the trophy to them.

2NE1′s ‘Missing You’ is being loved by the calm and sorrowful winter atmosphere it carries. 2NE1 is planning to be active with this song soon. Beginning from next March in Seoul, 2NE1 is planning to meet fans from all over the world including fans from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan.

Meanwhile, in ‘Show Music Core,’ Miss A, Lee Jeok, Hyolyn, Trouble Maker, Yoon Han, FTISLAND, Noel, Davichi, VIXX, MIB, Shin Ji Hoon, Tasty, A-JAX, The Boss, HISTORY, and more made an appearance.

Source : Naver

[ME2DAY] Dara Goes for Drinks after Watching Theater Play

21dara_6479830328265358425문화생활한 다라! 오늘 또 대학로 와서 좋은 연극 한편 봤어요! 저번에 너무 슬픈사랑이야기인 행복 이라는 연극을 정말 눈물 흘리면서 봤는데 오늘껀 너무 재밌어서 웃겨죽는줄 알았어요ㅋㅋㅋ성일오빠 진짜 연기력이…!!! 최고에요!!! 나도 연극의 한장면을 연출해보는중^^

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Dara enjoying cultural life! Today again, I have come to watch a good play at Daehak-ro! The last time I did, it was such a sad love that I have watched with tears but today’s play was so fun I thought I’d die of laughter kekeke Song Il Oppa’s powerful acting…!!!! The best!!! I’m also in the midst of enjoying it ^^

Source : Dara’s me2day

Translated by : OuleySoleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

[ME2DAY] YG on Air: 2NE1′s “Guerilla Concert Performance” for a Special “American Broadcast Shooting”

ygonair_3535818162531477356 [2NE1] 오늘(월요일) 저녁 6시!!! 2NE1이 영등포 타임스퀘어를 찾아갑니다!!! 미국 방송 촬영으로 게릴라 공연을 한다는데요^^ YG미친 여러분들 지금 근처에 계시다면 2NE1을 응원하러 가보는것은 어떨까요^^? GOGOGO!!! 

[2NE1] Today (Monday) at 6:00PM!!! 2NE1 will be going to Yeongdeungpo Times Square!!! They’ll be doing a guerilla concert performance for an American broadcast shooting ^^ YG mitu-friends who are near the area, you’ll go and show your support for 2NE1, right ^^? GO GO GO!!!

The poster says:
*Special Performance
* American Broadcast shooting
* TIMES SQUARE Center Stage
Join 2NE1′s special performance shooting!

Source : YG on Air’s me2day
Translated by : BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

[ME2DAY] Dara Greets Her Baby Sister, Durami a Happy Birthday!

21dara_7092126689018926619 생일 축하하러 왔어요~!!! ^.^ 어제는 우리의 귀염둥이 매니저 눈웃음 살살치는 세호군의 생일이었습니다! 짱매와 달리 수줍음이 많아 사진은 공개할수없습니다만 생일축하하구요! 오늘은 우리 둘째~ 제 여동생의 생일입니다~ 천둥이가 작은누나 생일이지? 하면서 선물사왔네요!

I came here to greet happy birthday~!!! ^.^ Yesterday is our cutie manager who does eyesmile, Sehun’s birthday! Although you’re shy and different with Jjangmae and I can’t post a picture of you, happy birthday! Second~ It’s my little sister’s birthday today~ Cheondung said “It’s little noona’s birthday right?” & bought a gift! I want to get a birthday gift from Cheondung too. Big noona’s bday is soon. Ah Cheondung’s birthday is coming first, anyways to everyone whose birthday is on September, Happy birthday! 

Source : Dara’s me2day

Translated by : @ilove2ne1girls

[ME2DAY] SNS Queen Shifts to Me2day, “Visiting here with my best me2day pose!”

21dara_7675412222840167321 미친 여러분~!!! 오랜만이에요!!! 잘지내구있죠?!? 오랜만에 내가 제일 잘하는 미투데이 포즈로 찾아왔습니다! 새로운 헤어스타일과 함께…! 염색은 거의 안해보다가 올해 여러가지 시도를 하게되네요. ^_^ 음 암튼 반가워요~~ 굿밤!!! ^.^/ 

Me2 friends~!!! Long time no see!!! Are you doing good?!? I’m visiting here with my best me2day pose! With a new hairstyle…! I didn’t dye my hair much but this year I’m trying various things ^_^ umm anyways nice to see you~~ Goodbam!!!^.^/

Source : Dara’s me2day

Translated by : @DaraDarasuru_21

[ME2DAY] Dara Updates with Another Dorky Double Park Photo


우리 승윤동생~ 멋진동생이야아~!!! 화이팅!!! ^_^ 21분전
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Our dongsaeng Seungyoon ~ Awesome dongsaengie-yaaa~!!! Fighting!!! ^_^
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Source : Dara’s me2day
Translated by : BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


[ME2DAY] YG on Air Updates with “Double Park TV” and M!Countdown Comeback Stage

Update 1ygonair_7076108204921900501 [YG-LIFE] 2NE1 – ‘쌍박TV’ COMING SOON 인트로 영상 보기 (출처:YG-LIFE BLOG & LINE 2NE1 공식 계정)

Update 2
 [2NE1] 곧!!! Mnet 엠카운트다운에서 2NE1 <Falling in Love> 첫방 방송!!! 본방사수 해주실꺼~~~죠??!!! 

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Source : YG on Air Me2day