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[LINE] 170727 – Tireless Dara, talks about her short vacation trip to Manila, and getting sick during the trip

“I was very sick T.T It’s quite long if I talk about it these days I’m having difficulty on staying fit and I had a flu. But really of all the times why now! When I had to bring Chaerin to Philippines so it was very bad T.T

As I am also Philippines’ Honorary Ambassador ** It’s my duty to try to give support to a lot of people for the Philippines, because of my schedule there were a lot of scenarios of not being able to go, then I had to think where should I and Chaerin go too because it’s difficult to match our schedule, and this time as we dramatically returned we should leave right away.

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[LINE] Dara shares her Successful Meal after Get It Beauty recording and Getting Colder in every Recording

Can’t be warm I came from a warm place then suddenly it’s 5 degrees below zero that’s why it’s colder .. I think during Get It Beauty recording days it’s always ~~~~~~ very cold! Goo .. Good Morning~!!!!

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[LINE] 170304 – Sleepy Dara posted a Stunning Selca in her Diary and shares her “Morning Ramblings”


Good morning … When I have to go to my schedule so early and it’s not yet warm I really feel fuzzy waking up ~

(Mostly when U’m filming fordrama, movie, or commercial, the call time is during dawn T.T waaah) Ah .. even during Inkigayo at 2AM we will go to the shop then at -7AM we will have our dry rehearsal. Woah … How we were able to go through that .. daebakk

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[LINE] 170301 – Lovely Dara, updates Fans with a Photo in First Class heading to Thailand to shoot a Commercial and How Time Flies ~


“I’m in a first class!!! >.<
Ah the seat is too big~~~euhihihihihi…😆
Around this time last year when I went to film for a shampoo commercial and now I will go again after a year~ Time is really fast ㅠ.ㅠ
Oh! Now I feel hot!!! ^.^ I’ll return well~~~ Sawasdeeka!!! 🙏🏻”

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