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[LINE] Dara shares her Successful Meal after Get It Beauty recording and Getting Colder in every Recording

Can’t be warm I came from a warm place then suddenly it’s 5 degrees below zero that’s why it’s colder .. I think during Get It Beauty recording days it’s always ~~~~~~ very cold! Goo .. Good Morning~!!!!

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[INSTAGRAM] Adorable Dadoongie fell asleep while Dara noona is packing ~ “Good night..”

Dara: “Noona had to leave at dawn… Dadung-ah… What do I do, Dungie just fell asleep like this… Good night… 😹😹😹😴😴😴”

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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[INSTAGRAM] 160926 – Dara shares a photo of Cutie Dadoongie ~ “If I go home will this baby wait for me?”

Dara: “Even upon arriving in Korea I have to fit some clothes, I’m so busy~ then right away I have to prepare for my another schedule again. I want to go home right away!!! If I go home will this baby wait for me!!! 😻😻😻 Isn’t cute?! Go home right away!!!”

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[INSTAGRAM] Dara Greets Everyone a ‘Good Morning and a Cute Photo of Bambi

Dara: “Like our Bambi, I also want to roll around on the warm floor with the boiler on.”

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[INTERVIEW] Sanghyun, mentioned his Dara Noona in his Latest Interview – “Dara noona is the noisiest in our home”


Reporter: “You’re the youngest in your family right? Your charming even to your family?”

Sanghyun: Yes. Dara noona is the noisiest in our home. Even when I was a child, my two sisters didn’t defeat me. Even my mom sided me I’m the king, but now it changed to cats.”

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[INSTAGRAM/TWITTER] Dadoongie and Haneul Celebrates Dara’s Achievement for Reaching 3 Million Followers ~

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