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[OFFICIAL] MBC’s Insolent Housemates – Dara, Seho and PO’s Behind-The-Scenes of their Adorable and Cool Photoshoot!

The photos are actually screen-caps from yesterdays’ (July 28th) episode were Dara, Seho and PO had a short yet cute photoshoot strengthening their bonds ^^

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[LINE] 170727 – Tireless Dara, talks about her short vacation trip to Manila, and getting sick during the trip

“I was very sick T.T It’s quite long if I talk about it these days I’m having difficulty on staying fit and I had a flu. But really of all the times why now! When I had to bring Chaerin to Philippines so it was very bad T.T

As I am also Philippines’ Honorary Ambassador ** It’s my duty to try to give support to a lot of people for the Philippines, because of my schedule there were a lot of scenarios of not being able to go, then I had to think where should I and Chaerin go too because it’s difficult to match our schedule, and this time as we dramatically returned we should leave right away.

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[OFFICIAL] OnStyle Official Naver Blog for Lipstick Prince featuring Harley Quinn Princess, Sandara Park!

Who is the princess that is coming to take Lipstick Prince up by storm?!
She wore a really flashy costume, loves chicken, and… palm trees?!

It’s Sandara Park!

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