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[LINE] Dara’s LINE Diary Entry #3 ~ Talks about the Sunbaenims she met and what it felt like being a Teenager


“Ha Hyeongon Sunbae-nim who got the role as the drummer!!!
Daebak it’s amazing~~~
With my favorite Click V Sunbae-nim who became like my bandmate … 
A lot of time passed by ..

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[LINE] Dara’s LINE Diary Entry #2 ~ Posted a Photo with Her Band-Mates and Co-Actors for Echo Movie


“Together with my bandmates in the movie and actors~!!!
Everyone have a good personality and bright so we were able to shoot comfortably. 

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[LINE] Dara’s LINE Diary Entry #1 ~ Talks about her Difficulties, Thoughts and Experiences during the Filming of her First Movie


“Movie shoot is finished.

It was short but went through difficult times on very cold January, if it’s not cold I think it won’t be difficult.

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[LINE] Dara Shares Her Adventure Last Night ~ Went to Watch a Play and Eat Chicken Feet!

Dara-LINE Diary-160131-1

“I’m ~ a girl who is cultured! Ha … ^_^v
Yesterday I went to Daehakro for the first time in a while and saw a play. Thanks to (Ock) Joohyun unnie I go out to play and see fun performances and eat good food and release my stress!!! ^.^

It was a play called “Kiss of the Spider Woman” and actress Kim Hoyoung was so great and I enjoyed it!!!
Ah … I also tried chicken feet .. For the first time but, I still can’t enjoy it yet.

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[CAPS] HD/HQ Screencaps of Our Lovely and Amazing Actress Dara, for One More Happy Ending Episode 1

Feel free to do anything with the Screen Captures ~ but please don’t forget to Credit us ^.^
Oh! By the way the photos are in 1270 X 720 Dimensions, click the photo to see the full resolution ~ Enjoy! 😘

FWD-Cap-OME-Dara-23 FWD-Cap-OME-Dara-36 FWD-Cap-OME-Dara-44 FWD-Cap-OME-Dara-47 FWD-Cap-OME-Dara-63 FWD-Cap-OME-Dara-70 FWD-Cap-OME-Dara-74 FWD-Cap-OME-Dara-82

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