[PHOTOS] Fan-taken Pictures of Musical Actress Dara – After the Shows

Hi Daralings! Its been awhile since we’ve updated the blog, since (I guess) the whole world is quarantining might as well keep you guys updated of our busy bee Darong!

This blog entry will be updated from time so do check it ~ Long post ahead enjoy!
Also included some short video clips taken by Korean Blackjacks 😊

April 17, 2020 After Show

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[PHOTOS] Fantaken of Bright and Energetic Singer Dara at YG x UNICEF Walking Festival!

Dara was not at the Walking/Marathon segment of the festival that’s why we thought she won’t be at the event at all ~ and after a while there’s a photo circulating in twitter the set list of the After Party of the Festival ~ and Dara is featuring for Epik High’s Love Love Love ❤

Its been awhile since we’ve heard and see Dara on stage with YG Family artist ^.^
Singer Dara as always is jjang! ^_^/

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