[NEWS] Leaving the Comfort Zone of 2NE1 and Stepping into a Battlefield … “Sandara Park’s 3rd life.”

Sandara has shown a “true her” through music movie “One Step”. It was the first time she participated in a movie and played the leading role, which made it even more meaningful for her.

Sandara Park debuted as a 2NE1 member in 2009 and being a singer for several years. She now has a brand new title – actress – due to the movie “One Step”. Dara is gradually showing herself as an actress from web drama to the movie. Although she says “Well begun is half done.”, she only rates her acting skill a 51 points.

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[INTERVIEW] Marie Claire’s cover girl Sandara Park, Behind-the-Scenes Highlights and 10 Things you want to know about Dara

Behind-the-Scenes Highlights and 10 Things you want to know about Dara

MC: “You often give people a feeling that you’re kind, not fake and cute. What is the real you?

Dara: “Actually its quite like what you described. I’ve been a celebrity for 8 years and have always been the real me (Also, I can’t purposely create another  different personality), the only thing thing that will surprise people is probably my shy and timid personality (laughs)!”

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[NEWS] ‘One Step’ Han Jae Suk • Sandara Park • Jo Dong In • Hong Ah Reum, on 24th at Busan… Mini Concert

According to the article, the 4 actors of One Step prepared an event for the audience on 24th in Busan.

They prepared something for college students who are spending a busy day called “School Attack” which will be held in a university at Busan without prior notice to have coffee together and share warm stories with the 4 actors of ‘One Step’,though it will be a first-come-first-serve basis.

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[NEWS] Sandara Park To Have Heart-To-Heart With Public On JTBC’s “Talk Road”


Sandara Park described the disbandment of 2NE1 as “only for a moment.” She said, “We have best friends that are closer than family when we were in middle school and high school. But when graduation comes, it’s inevitable that we have to say good-bye and part ways. These days, I have thoughts like that. I have to part with the members who are like family for a while.”

She continued, “Now I’m standing alone as Sandara Park, please listen as I tell my story.”

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[NEWS] Sandara Park, “My Presence in 2NE1 was Like Kkakdugi… I was Daunted”

Sandara Park revealed her honest thoughts about 2NE1’s disbandment.

On the 18th, JTBC’s “Talking Street (As I Say) filmed an episode with guests Sandara Park, Seo Janghoon, and journalist Im Gyeong Seon.

Sandara Park, who had a talking busking in Hongdae said, “I’ll tell my honest thoughts today, after 2NE1’s disbandment,” she said, opening her busking with those words.

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