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[ARTICLE] Head and Shoulders Launches its Suprême Series with Sandara Park and Mario Maurer

Most women think that soft and dandruff-free hair is an impossible combination to have. For the longest time, it was widely accepted that having a healthy scalp also meant living with dry hair that anti-dandruff shampoos were harsh for your hair.

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[NEWS] 170908 IME Asia Announces Dara as Special Guest for G Dragon’s MOTTE in KL Concert

[NEWS] “Lets Eat Dinner Together” Japan Shinjuku Episode reached Highest Audience rate with 6.2%

Summer special episode of “Lets Eat Dinner Together” reached highest audience rate.

The authority of audience rating AC Nielsen Korea stated that the “Lets Eat Dinner Together” episode broadcast on July 20th reached the record of highest audience rate which is 6.2%. It is 1.1% higher than Yokohama episode last week (5.1%).

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[ARTICLE] Sandara Park Turns Into A Powerful Drummer On “Insolent Housemates”

Sandara Park showed off her charismatic side by playing the drums on “Insolent Housemates!”

In the upcoming episode of MBC’s variety show “Insolent Housemates,” Sandara Park will be showcasing her drumming skills for the first time.

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[INTERVIEW] Korea JoongAng Daily – “Sandara Park jumps into life on screen : The former 2NE1 singer has shifted her focus to finding success in film”

Sandara Park is shifting her focus to acting as she tries to evolve after her time spent as part of girl group 2NE1. With the release of her first lead movie role in “One Step” earlier this month, she is showing the world that she can be a chameleon and continue her already-successful career.

Her role in the music drama is that of a girl who loses her hearing after an accident and learns to enjoy music in her own way through color. She sat down with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily to talk more about changes that have been making her life more diverse.

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[ARTICLE] Sandara Park, her colorful side that was hidden! Behind the Scenes of the photoshoot ~

Sandara Park’s transformation is endless.

Singer, who previously walked the path of an MC changed to being an actress, she is now the main character in the movie (One Step). Sandara Park unveiled her character’s background in ‘Ones Step’ which is Si-Hyun whose memories were lost in an accident and can see sound in colors.

I met Sandara Park who was very into putting herself in various colors, on her own in shooting the scene for ‘Style X’. Her colorful side were revealed in the pictorial behind the scenes.

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[ARTICLE] Sandara Park Shares Why Uhm Jung Hwa Is Her Ultimate Role Model

Sandara Park recently talked about her goals for the future.

During an interview for her upcoming film “One Step,” the singer-turned-actress talked about her new role as Hong Seol’s friend Jang Bora in the film “Cheese in the Trap.” According to the report, Sandara Park has worked hard to bring her character Jang Bora to life. Even during her audition, she surprised the production team by preparing a refreshing and straightforward way of speaking for the role. “Rather than creating something, I’d rather act in my own style as usual. The director requested that I do so.”

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[INTERVIEW] Dara’s Interview with 10Asia — Talks About “One Step” Movie

10Asia: You’ve been very busy for the promotion of your movie. Recently, you went to Busan.

Dara: Everything has been very interesting. I haven’t felt physically tired yet. (laughs)

10Asia: The VIP Premiere became a hot topic because a lot of people came. What did you talk about after the movie screening?

Dara: I was extremely nervous during that day. It was my first time doing something like that alone, and I haven’t tried inviting people like that before as well. I was worried that the movie theater would be empty, but a lot of people came. Someone gave me a bouquet, and it was difficult for me to hold it even with both hands. I really felt so lucky to be have good people around. They told me that everyone has a hard time at the beginning, but advised me to hold on because things will get better gradually.

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[NEWS] Sandara Park Reveals Her Surprising New Celebrity Friendships And YG Artists’ True Personalities

If you thought that the idols of YG kept things wild and crazy, you might want to think again!

On April 3, Korean media outlet Daily Sports released an interview with 2NE1 member Sandara Park, where she discussed her current solo activities and shared funny anecdotes from her career thus far.

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