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[INTERVIEW] E! Online Asia’s Interview with Sandara Park during Love In Spades Opening at Singapore

A multi-talented singer, actress and a TV presentor, what is the one thing Sandara has never tried?

Not everything was successful but I think I tried a lot like a being a singer, being a movie star, drama, host, radio DJ .. since music is the one thing I love the most I want to try writing lyrics to my own song someday.

Favorite Personal Heroine is?

I think its my fans, you know its interesting because I think 80% to 90% of my fans are women, like heroes they fight for their countries, but they (fans) fight for me all the time so I’m always touch and thankful, I love you guys!

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[NEWS] Sports Donga: “Cheese in The Trap” movie release date on White Day, early March

The release date of the film ‘Cheese in the Trap’ [Production Mountain Movement Story / Directed by Kim Jae Young] has been decided.

According to a film official on the 22nd, distributor Little Big Pictures decided to distribute the movie ‘Cheese in the Trap’. The release date of the work was confirmed in early March.

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[ARTICLE] Why Sandara Park, Mario Maurer love coming back to PH

The two Asian stars share their fond memories of the Philippines as well as their thoughts about stardom and friendship

ASIAN SUPERSTARS. Sandara Park and Mario Maurer grace the launch of Head and Shoulders Supreme, the new shampoo of the brand. All photos by Martin San Diego/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – Everywhere they go, Sandara Park and Mario Maurer get loud cheers and screams from fans. After all, they are two of Asia’s top stars, with Sandara formerly part of the now defunct K-pop female group 2NE1 and Mario being a popular actor in his native country of Thailand.

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[INTERVIEW] Korea JoongAng Daily – “Sandara Park jumps into life on screen : The former 2NE1 singer has shifted her focus to finding success in film”

Sandara Park is shifting her focus to acting as she tries to evolve after her time spent as part of girl group 2NE1. With the release of her first lead movie role in “One Step” earlier this month, she is showing the world that she can be a chameleon and continue her already-successful career.

Her role in the music drama is that of a girl who loses her hearing after an accident and learns to enjoy music in her own way through color. She sat down with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily to talk more about changes that have been making her life more diverse.

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[INTERVIEW] Dara’s Interview with 10Asia — Talks About “One Step” Movie

10Asia: You’ve been very busy for the promotion of your movie. Recently, you went to Busan.

Dara: Everything has been very interesting. I haven’t felt physically tired yet. (laughs)

10Asia: The VIP Premiere became a hot topic because a lot of people came. What did you talk about after the movie screening?

Dara: I was extremely nervous during that day. It was my first time doing something like that alone, and I haven’t tried inviting people like that before as well. I was worried that the movie theater would be empty, but a lot of people came. Someone gave me a bouquet, and it was difficult for me to hold it even with both hands. I really felt so lucky to be have good people around. They told me that everyone has a hard time at the beginning, but advised me to hold on because things will get better gradually.

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[ARTICLE] Sandara Park talks about having a Solo Album and says 2NE1 will unite one day ~

Dara says she wants to release a solo album by the Summer!

During a cafe interview for her upcoming film ‘One Step‘, former 2NE1 member Dara opened up about the possibility of her solo album this year!

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[INTERVIEW] Marie Claire’s cover girl Sandara Park, Behind-the-Scenes Highlights and 10 Things you want to know about Dara

Behind-the-Scenes Highlights and 10 Things you want to know about Dara

MC: “You often give people a feeling that you’re kind, not fake and cute. What is the real you?

Dara: “Actually its quite like what you described. I’ve been a celebrity for 8 years and have always been the real me (Also, I can’t purposely create another  different personality), the only thing thing that will surprise people is probably my shy and timid personality (laughs)!”

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[ARTICLE] Sandara Park on the Cover of L’Officiel Singapore

The August 2016 issue of L’Officiel Singapore turns the spotlight on identity, heritage, culture and all things Asian.

By Shatricia Nair
South Korean hyperstar Sandara Park aka Dara takes the lead in this month’s edition of L’Officiel Singapore. The bona fide entertainer – the 2NE1 member has a whopping 4.2 million followers on Instagram and has reigned supreme in music, television and film – fronts the magazine in a stunning cover and fashion editorial shot by Joel Low (check out what went down behind the scenes; Dara’s selfie videos on-set, and more images on our Instagram @lofficielsingapore), and reveals, in an interview with Gordon Ng, a layer of sensitivity and seriousness seldom seen by the public.

Take a note or two from Asia’s brightest and most celebrated architects as a guide to making the coolest sartorial choices now, see how our favourite fashion designers have looked to (and still scour) the East for inspiration, and witness the glory of Chinese couturier Guo Pei’s stunningly realised creations. Plus, join Manila-born photographer Chuck Reyes as he captures five of the biggest next-gen Asian models on the streets of New York, garbed in this season’s comfiest togs.

In the lifestyle section, designer Jarrod Lim opens up about Crystalline, his collaboration with Royal Selangor, while the L’Officiel Singapore team explores cool spaces in Asia (including the cool relaunched K+ Curatorial Space at Scotts Square), delves into the growth of Christian art in Asia since the 13th century in an eye-opening exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum, and heads up to a little piece of paradise in Phuket that has seen the likes of G-Dragon, Snoop Dogg and Rita Ora as guests.

“Is Orientalism pastiche or homage? And do we subconsciously expect Asian designers to downplay cultural codes so as to achieve an ‘international’ aesthetic, or do we celebrate their birthright to reference their heritage and culture? This issue we proudly do the latter,” says Grace Tay, Managing Editor of L’Officiel Singapore. “Join us as we celebrate Asia.”

Credits: L’Officiel Signapore