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[VIDEO] Behind-The-Scene of Dara Shooting for Style X

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[PHOTOS] Beautiful Dara Showcases Her Versatility in Style X — From Bubbly to Funky

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[VIDEO] Behind-The-Scene of Marie Claire Hong Kong April ’17 Cover Page

See the still cuts below~ ^^
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[INTERVIEW] Marie Claire’s cover girl Sandara Park, Behind-the-Scenes Highlights and 10 Things you want to know about Dara

Behind-the-Scenes Highlights and 10 Things you want to know about Dara

MC: “You often give people a feeling that you’re kind, not fake and cute. What is the real you?

Dara: “Actually its quite like what you described. I’ve been a celebrity for 8 years and have always been the real me (Also, I can’t purposely create another  different personality), the only thing thing that will surprise people is probably my shy and timid personality (laughs)!”

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[MAGAZINE] “Believe in Yourself” Marie Claire Hongkong’s muse for their April 2017 Issue is none other than Sandara Park!

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[MAGAZINE] Sophistication and Elegance found its Human Form in Sandara Park for InStyle April 2017 Issue!

Ok. Are you guys still alive? Barely? Well I feel you, who wouldn’t die with this perfection? Like seriously? I know and I know that you know Dara is simply perfect and beautiful, but this?! I didn’t know Dara’s beauty has some kind of level and they level up every damn time !

I can’t seriously wait for the whole coverage/photoshoot of InStyle x Sandara Park. Ssan-Actress making and marking the Korean Acting Industry ~ We can’t wait to see you grow Dara! ^.^/ You’re simply the B-E-S-T! ❤ Enjoy the perfection that is Sandara Park below!

High Def/High Quality Photos below! ^^

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[SCANS] HQ/HD Scans of Beautiful and Gorgeous, Sandara Park for Ceci Korea February 2017 Issue with YGK+ Models!

Blackjacks! Here is it ~base on the poll  we made on twitter majority won of having a Scan copy of Dara x Ceci Korea February Issue.

Please do mind, crediting FWD (@foreverwithdara) when taking out the photos in our site is a much appreciated gesture. Feel free to edit or whatever you want to do with the photos ^.^
Enjoy! ❤

Made two sets of the Magazine, one with the whole page set and the other one is Close-up set … Hope you guys will like it ❤ Thank you everyone for supporting Dara and Forever With Dara ~ we really really reallyyyyy appreciate it! ^.^ See you on W Korea Scans 😉

Right-Click on the photo and click “Open Link in New Tab” to see the Full Resolution 🙂
PS. It might take some time to load because the size of the image is too big ^.^v

scan-fwd-ceci-korea-1 scan-fwd-ceci-korea-2

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