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[OFFICIAL] YG Entertainment, greets Sandara Park a “Happy Birthday” with an adorable baby picture

Yang Hyun-suk also posted the same image in his Instagram account

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Forever With Dara’s Letter to our Angel Sandara Park, to the Iconic Girl Group, 2NE1 and to our friends, Blackjacks

Last Friday, November 25, 2016 .. Everything went down the hill and the fandom is quite shock with the announcement of YG Entertainment disbanding our Beloved and Legendary Korean Girl Group, 2NE1.

Credit to the Owner

We, Forever With Dara just want to clarify that, we will stand with our Fansite’s name “Forever With Dara” until the very end, until Dara herself tells us Blackjacks and Daralings that she wants to rest and enjoy her life quietly that’s the only time we will stop supporting her, BUT we will Forever Love and Care for her, Always.

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[ADMIN POST] ForeverWithDara’s Giveaway – Special for AON in Malaysia!

giveawayHey guys! AON in Malaysia is in less than a week!! And because of that, we would like to double the excitement with…. /drumrollssssss/ ForeverWithDara’s very first giveaway!!

Now, first thing’s first. There are rules for this. As stated above, participation is ONLY open for those who are going to attend AON in Malaysia.

Since it was short notice, we are sorry that we can only open this giveaway from May 20 – May 22, 2014.

To participate the giveaway, read more to find out!!

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[ADMIN POST] San Union: Wreath, Food Support for AON

AONSan Union is back!! This time, San Union is going to provide concert wreath, 2NE1’s lunch and staffs’ snacks as well as gifts for Dara.  Malaysian Daralings/Blackjacks are welcomed to participate in this project!

To those who are interested, kindly email us at for details and we will try to respond every inquiries as fast as we can. We accept any amounts of money, it’s the thought that counts anyway ^_^ Dateline for this project will be on 18 of February so not much time left 🙂 Let’s all join this project, it’s All Or Nothing guys! ^^

[ADMIN POST] San Union Celebrates Dara’s 30th Birthday

Gifts, gifts and lots of gifts! All of these are from San Union, and also fansites like ParkSiblings and DaraParkPH, just for our lovely Sandara!821248487 by30yezcmaefdi3Dara’s pictures on subway stations!

San Union had various Dara Birthday subway ads posted at Hongdae and Sinchon Subway Stations in Seoul! ^^

Thank you to all our donors for making it possible! xo

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