Broadcasting Activity

Taking a break from Web-drama series, Sandara Park’s first gig as a main-stay MC in a Korean show happened last 2015. Dara became a MC in JTBC’s ‘Two Yoo Project: Sugarman’ with  Yoo Jae-suk, You Hee-yeol and Kim Eana as her co-hosts for the show ~

The show ended last Jul 12, 2016 for their last broadcasting running for almost a year! More about Sugarman HERE.

After her MC-ing at Sugarman, Dara went to Philippines to be a Judge for a talent-search show called ‘Pinoy Boyband Superstar’. She was traveling back and forth from South Korea to Philippines for the live episodes every weekend. The talent-search show ended last December 2016, running for about 3 months in the Philippines.

Not less than a month, Dara surprised as yet again for being a main-stay MC for Get It Beauty 2017 new season! With Honey Lee, Kim Sejeong and Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong! Airing every Sunday (on-going). During Get It Beauty, Dara was busy with various Variety show appearances that year including Living Together in an Empty Room with Block B’s P.O. and Seho, and Relationship Appeal with AkMu’s Suhyun.

When Get It Beauty Ended, MBC’s All Broadcasting in the World announced their main-stay MCs and it includes Dara as one of them, the show ran through until 2018. Dara’s MC journey didn’t end there, Mimi Shop came out after the ABITW ended. Mimi Shop is another refreshing show with Tony Ahn, Cheetah, So Yul and Jin Kyung about opening an all-around cosmetic and style store for their costumers, giving them a total make-over.

While filming Mimi Shop, Dara appeared in variety shows just like in 2017. Dara was part of Borrowed Trouble S2 with Park Joon Hyun, SuJu’s Eunhyuk, Dindin and Nu’Est JR. Dara also showed her strong and brave side on MBC Real Man 300.

Currently, Dara’s a main-stay MC at MBC every1 Videostar with veteran MCs in South Korea, Kim Sook, Park Narae, and Park Sohyun.