[SNS UPDATE] Dara celebrates Park Bom’s Birthday after her schedule ~ “Our 14th Birthday Together”

Dara: “Schedule is done, I met Baemi who went in front of my house and ate cake quickly and then went home~!!! Happy Birthday~!!!  🎂🎊🎉🎁🎁🎈This year is our 14th birthday together~ from now on, let’s be together!!! Happy Bday Bom!!! 😃🌽🌽🌽 #쌍박 #ssangpark”

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[SNS UPDATES] 190517 Sandara Park, Park Bom, Gong Minzy and CL Celebrate 2NE1’s 10th Debut Anniversary — Share Greetings and Throwback Photos

Superx21 congratulations on your 10th year since debut, 2NE1 & Blackjacks ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you very much always and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ps. Recording ended just now that’s why I’m late ㅠ.ㅠ)

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[INTERVIEW] E! Online Asia’s Interview with Sandara Park during Love In Spades Opening at Singapore

A multi-talented singer, actress and a TV presentor, what is the one thing Sandara has never tried?

Not everything was successful but I think I tried a lot like a being a singer, being a movie star, drama, host, radio DJ .. since music is the one thing I love the most I want to try writing lyrics to my own song someday.

Favorite Personal Heroine is?

I think its my fans, you know its interesting because I think 80% to 90% of my fans are women, like heroes they fight for their countries, but they (fans) fight for me all the time so I’m always touch and thankful, I love you guys!

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[NEWS] Park Joon-hyung x Eun Ji-won x Sandara Park x Yubin joins JTBC’s “Stage K” .. “K-Leaders”

From left to right: Park Joon-Hyung, Eun Jiwon, Yubin and Sandara Park.

Park Joon-hyung, Eun Ji Won, Sandara Park, and Yubin Yi will be labeled as K-Leaders at ‘Stage K’, a global KPOP challenge presented by JTBC.

JTBC’s production team for ‘Stage K’ said it selected G.O.D Park Joon-hyung, Sechskies Eun Ji-won, 2NE1 Sandara Park and Wonder Girls Yubin as “K-Leaders” ahead of its first broadcast on April 7 , which will be showcased by JTBC

The global Challenge ‘Stage K’ is a program in which a team of challenge players from around the world will form a team and stage a good-will national battle with K-pop dances.

K-pop fans from all over the world, called “Challengers,” will compete in a fierce dance competition that recreates the performances of “Dream Star” for the stage together with Dream Star, which was a dream.

Dream Star will change every time, but dream star and challenger’s idol K-Leaders will continue to show unchanged and will show the presence of K-pop’s ancestors with familiar charm to viewers.

Park Joon-hyung is the eldest brother of the group god who celebrates his 20th anniversary with his love of all generations. He is attracted to comic that comes from his long life experience as well as his extraordinary humanity and artistic sense.

In addition, Jekisui’s member Eun Ji-won has been endlessly loved as a “first-generation idol” by appearing on the top of the charts after he showed off the popularity that he had not seen regardless of home and abroad.

Sandara Park is a member of 2NE1, a unique girl group that can be called ‘Girl Crush’. It has already earned a reputation as a ‘Hallyu icon’ early on in the Philippines before the debut of 2NE1.

Finally, Yubin is a Wonder Girls member who can be said to be a source of KPOP Girls’ overseas advancement, and it seems to be a target of the challenger’s envy.

‘Stage K’ side ,”Joon park,Eun Ji Won,Sandara,Yoo Bin is the ‘Original (father of) idol’ representing each generation,They are the ancestor of the Korean Wave and will play an important role in allowing all viewers, regardless of their age, to enjoy Stage K in an interesting way. In addition, K-Leaders is expected to give strength to the challengers who have come to Korea with strong affection for K-pop by transcending age and nationality.

The first ‘dream star’ of ‘Stage K’ is the colorful girl group ,Red Velvet, and Jun Hyun Moo, a broadcaster who is loved by viewers through various musical performances, takes as solo MC.

Translated by @Araaeil
Source: Osen | NEWS.JTBC

[NEWS] Suecomma Bonnie, Sandara Park collaboration products .. Launching of Designer and Collaboration collection

Kolon Industries FnC’s Suecomma Bonnie, a woman’s shoes brand, is planning to expand into global market.

Aslo, fashion icon Sandara Park and online editing shop YOOX.com will release up to 5 collaboration styles this (March) 20th including sneakers, mule, sandals etc. Through color schemes that definitely matches the spring season, ribbon details and pink glitters, and pearl details, the products embodied the individual personalities of Suecomma Bonnie and Sandara Park. The products will be revealed through YOOX and at a Pop-up store during the Seoul Fashion Week.

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