[SNS UPDATE] Round Up of Dara’s Trip to Manila, Philippines for her “New Endorsement”

After her 7-Days Business Trip in Bangkok, Thailand last February, Dara’s back in Manila, Philippines for a New Endorsement ~ we’re giving a hint, just look around ^.^v anyways looks like Dara had fun with the countdown during her Bangkok trip and did it again in her Manila Trip ~

Her schedule’s been hectic since her arrival, but she never missed to update us about how her day went ❤

Thank you for the warm welcome!!! 😀#newendorsement #newfamily

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Dara: “Thank you for the warm welcome!!! 😀#newendorsement #newfamily

Goodnight Manila 🌕 MNL day 1

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Dara: “Goodnight Manila 🌕 MNL day 1”

Goodnight. MNL day 2 📸 by @boysso82

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Dara: “Goodnight. MNL day 2 📸 by @boysso82

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[SNS UPDATE] Sandara Park’s 7-Days Business Trip in Thailand Bangkok for Head and Shoulder

Dara’s really sweet to update us everyday for this Business Trip, I mean I guess we got used to her updating us about what she’s currently doing, but everyday? Thank you so much Dara unnie for the updates! ❤

Anyways, so last February 20 to February 26, Dara was in Thailand, Bangkok for a Business Schedule which we all know is Head and Shoulders, she also said that since she was the endorser of the brand, she’s been going to Bangkok for the past 3 years every February ^.^ So, here’s the round up of her 7-Day Business Trip


Dara: “We come to Bangkok for 8 Days and 7 Nights every February!!! Sawasdeeka!!! 🙏🏻 BKK day 1”


BKK day 2

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Dara: “BKK day 2”

Dara: “Good Morning!!! 😉 Came to work in a perfect Bangkok style!!! Unnie Bangkok style~!!!”


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[INSTAGRAM] Dara shares a Behind-The-Scene photo from her PENSHOPPE S/S 2018 Campaign ~

Dara: “Just finished a photoshoot with Penshoppe for their latest campaign. The collection for 18ss is soooo nice 😍😍😍 I love it!!! As always, I had fun at the shoot!!! Please check out my beautiful pics. They will be out soon!! Super excited!! And they gave me bags and bags of the latest collection. 🛍🛍 Thank you Penshoppe!!! ♥ #SandaraXPenshoppe #penshoppe #2018

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[SNS UPDATES] 180126 Dara Thanks Thailand Blackjacks for the Enjoyable Night @ Adidas Central World


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[SNS UPDATE] Lovely Dara greets Bangkok a “Good Morning” and Rehearsals Done ~

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