[PHOTOS] Beautiful Dara Showcases Her Versatility in Style X — From Bubbly to Funky

영화 '원스텝'에서 처럼 음악으로 치유받는 산다라박(@daraxxi)의 상큼발랄한 모습이 담긴 화보를 공개합니다 🤘형형색색, 다양한 색깔의 매력을 가진 그녀를 만나볼까요?. ✅더 많은 화보는 스타일엑스 홈페이지 (www.stylex.kr)를 찾아주세요! . . . DIRECTOR | 조명숙 (JOH MYUNG SOOK) PHOTOGRAPHER | 장준기 (JANG JOON GI) EDITOR | 김선우 (KIM SUN WOO), 서재경 (SUH JAE KYUNG) MODEL | 산다라박 (SANDARA PARK) STYLIST | 최민혜 (CHOI MIN HYE) HAIR | 강다현 (KANG DA HYUN) MAKE UP | 고미영 (KO MI YOUNG) BEHIND PHOTO & FILM | 서예진 (SEO YE JIN) BRAND | 소니아 리키엘 (Sonia Rykiel), 클루 드 클레어 (CLUE DE CLARE), 로켓런치 (ROCKET X LUNCH), 레지나 표 (REJINA PYO), 지니킴 (JINNY KIM), 휠라 (FILA), 애시드 펑크 (Acid Funk), 마이크 (슈어 / SHURE), 기타 (버즈비) . . #스타일엑스 #스타일엑스화보 #styleX #산다라박 #sandarapark #산다라박화보 #원스텝 #영화원스텝 #onestep #원스텝산다라박 #2ne1 #투애니원 #블랙잭 #blackjack

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[INSTAGRAM] Tired Dara, sets her priorities by taking care of her skin even though its a tiring day

Dara: “I have a lot of schedule but I have to take care of my skin as well 😵😭 I finished a tiring day today as well ~ (but) I have to get up at dawn!!! Even just 5 minutes of use before going to bed, your skin will feel moisturized 🌼 Goodnight 🙂😴😴😴 #5Minutes #CalendulaFlowerMask #Kiehl”

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[TWITTER] Dara, asks her Followers on Twitter on what to eat for ‘Get It Beauty Mokkbang’ Special ~

Dara: “What should i eat during Get It Mokbang?! PD-nim said that if i want to eat something it’s ok & tell him the menu so what should i eat?!”

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[INSTAGRAM] Our SNS Queen, Dara for the 1st time request everyone to please respect her Privacy.

The Instagram post, where she shared a screenshot of her account being log-out is already deleted in her account. But please, just please let’s respect Dara’s privacy.

Her, being a SNS Queen means a lot to us, she shares things to us even though she knows she’s not obligated to share it, she updates us her fans every time we misses her. So please, on behalf of Forever With Dara PLEASE RESPECT DARA’S PRIVACY. She doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment from her fans.

Please know your boundary as a fan. We love Dara as much as she loves her fans, so please I know its kinda annoying for repeating it, RESPECT Dara’s privacy. Thank you!


Photo Grab from Soompi

Dara: “Don’t hack my account. Respect my privacy”

In the Photo: “You have been logged out of this account. It is possible that the account owner changed the password.”

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[PHOTOS] Dara’s Filipino Frieds, shares a bunch of pictures with Sandara Park and others eating out in Seoul ~

captured moments by the Han River. @alan_m_real @whengcorpuz @daraxxi #SeoulSistahs #EATGirls

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Caption: “captured moments by the Han River. @alan_m_real @whengcorpuz @daraxxi #SeoulSistahs #EATGirls

salamat for chunight. super happy happy to be here🇰🇷✌🏼❤️

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Caption: “Thank you for chunight (tonight). Super happy happy to be here🇰🇷✌🏼❤️”

Dinner with krung 😊 @anatabatina @alan_m_real thank you @daraxxi 😘 #EATGirls

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Caption: “Dinner with krung 😊”

Super yummy dinner. Legit korean bbq 🤗@anatabatina @alan_m_real

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[SNS UPDATES] 170427 Of Photos in Japan, Working & Summer Heat

Ssantaeji eating french fries🍟🕶

When I miss Chaerin who is in America….at the vending machine you have to select something to drink like this and that. Doctor Pepper~ Doctor Pepper Doctor Pepper~

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