[OFFICIAL] 2NE1 Bids Farewell to their Fans for one last time with “GOODBYE” Music Video

 Its been a roller coaster ride for the past 7 years, still Thank you for the wonderful memories and amazing music you’ve delivered to the world, your achievements will not vanish and unnoticed.

Blackjacks, enjoy and savor the last Music Video we will have for now from 2NE1.
Please don’t forget to support the girls, we will always be here for Dara no matter what. ❤

2NE1 and Blackjacks! NOLZA!

[VIDEO] Sizzling Hot and Oozing Sexiness of Dara’s KISS Performance for Pinoy Boyband Superstar!

OH MY GOD! This is beyond perfection and amazing! Vocals, Choreo, Stage Presence and overall its A++++++ *_* Dara’s super sexy T.T the shirt and fishnet effect is too much to handle ~ and don’t forget the wet hair effect huhu so beautiful!

Keep on watching guys! Its been trending on Youtube ever since it was uploaded last Saturday Dec. 10 2016. ❤ and ~ a stunningly 1M views in 2 days!

Credits: Pinoy Boyband Superstar

[PHOTOS] 170227 Dara at S.E.S Bada’s Bridal Shower Event

10년지기들 #바다 #산다라박 #최성준 #화이팅

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[INSTAGRAM] 170226 Dara Revives Herself With Energy Drink After a Long Time + Wishes Goodnight

😵Energy drinking, storm drinking after a long time!!!👊

오늘 하루도 잘 마무리 찍찍 🐭🐭🐭 굿밤~ 🤗😴😴😴

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16908746_225635201176022_1567144995494821888_n 16789950_1253770141374580_5020560307936821248_nTranslated by : MIAO_21

[LINE] 170223 – Dara’s Series of Throwback Thursday about her Philippine Valentine Vacation in her LINE Diary ~


Dara: “Only Elites can relate in reading English newspaper .. Whenever you ride a plane they would ask you “Do you want to read the newspaper?” And no one gets it … I just tried getting one at once .. ahahaha .. And thanks to it I was able to deeply asleep .. ^^;; #throwbackthursday”


Dara: “Ssantokki #throwbackthursday”

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