[SNS UPDATES] 180126 Dara Thanks Thailand Blackjacks for the Enjoyable Night @ Adidas Central World


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[SNS UPDATES] 180118 DaraTV Spoiler + Dara Enjoys Her Time as She Waits for Her Turn Being the Olympics Torch Bearer

다라티비 다음편 스포 😂 DaraTV spoiler

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DaraTV next episode spoiler 😂 DaraTV spoiler


While waiting for the torch relay with Jjangmae… I used to be a rollerskater too… Don’t ask what rank~ You’ve done it aleast once in your life too Hahaha…

Cheering for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics~!!! Our athletes~ Hwaiting hwaiting YaYaYa!!!


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[PHOTOS] 171128 PENSHOPPE’s Photos of Radiant, Beautiful Dara Arriving in the Philippines + Video Greeting for Fans

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