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[TWITTER] “For the 1st time here in Korea, I went to a Philippine Restaurant” -Dara

I lived in Philippines for a long time and I often looked for Korean Resto. Lately even when we have schedule I still go to Korean Resto but today for the first time here in Korea, I looked and went to a Philippine Restaurant. It’s a weird feeling~ the food was yummy and I ate well but I feel a bit homesick ^^

Charan!!! Sinigang and pakbet!!! and many more. I am very stuffed. Yummy! 🙂


credit to: @Parkers_Sandara

chickiessantokki @foreverwithDara

[TWITTER] I really want to support my baby bro, but noona had work – Dara

 I really wanted to go to manila to support my baby brother, but noona suddenly had work. But he can do it, he just needs your warm welcome for his return in the Philippines after 6 years!! i’m so envious of A+ PH! Yeeeheeee~ Enjoy the show! Have fun! 🙂

Source: @krungy21

English Translations by: chickiessantokki @ForeverwithDara