About Missing Korea (미싱코리아)

About Missing Korea

According to YG Entertainment on September 15, Sandara Park has been cast for the lead role in upcoming KBS drama “Missing Korea.”

“Missing Korea” is a romantic comedy set in the fictional year of 2020 when North and South Korea have taken significant steps towards reunification. One of those steps include hosting the first-ever combined Miss Korea pageant.

Sandara Park will be playing the North Korean rep for Miss Korea. She will star opposite Kim Jeong Hoon, who will play the head of the organizers of the pageant.

Missing Korea will air on the following dates: November 3 (Premiere), 4, 5 and November 10, 11, 12 2015 on Naver TV and KBS on November 13, 2015. Airing time on Naver TV every 10AM KST.

Missing Korea Naver Homepage

Homepage:  tvcast.naver.com/missingkorea

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Missing Korea - Teaser

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