How To Support We Broke Up (우리헤어졌어요) Webdrama

Everyone’s been wondering how to support We Broke Up, and this is the only things I come up to ~ so if you have more ways to support We Broke Up, kindly leave a comment at the comments section ❤ Thank you!

+ About We Broke Up +
+ Watch We Broke Up +

FIRST. Watch the webdrama at the following sites to increase the views; Naver, YG Entertainment, YGK+ TV and Insite TV.

Note: It will be wonderful if you watch the broadcast on the designated time, so we can spazz all together in twitter ^.^ Schedule: Premiere June 29, 2015 7PM KST Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (same time) until July 19, 2015.

SECOND. Like the ‘We Broke Up’ Main page in Naver ~ LINKPS. Naver account is a must-have for you to be able to like the videos/pages;

Naver Like 1

THIRD. Another support that Naver account is needed ;), Every episode on Naver TV, you will see a ‘♥️’ button below the Video, simply click that button then ta-da ~

Update: Naver Homepage is already out! Go click the ‘♥️’ button HERE

Naver Like 2

FOURTH. Since we’re talking about Naver, (and while you’re in Naver keke) Keep searching “우리 헤어졌어요” ”  (Trans: We Broke Up) by putting it at the search bar.

Naver Like 3

FIFTH. Twitter! Yay ~! I know international fans can relate to this bwahaha!! 😂😂 We can spazz altogether by including the General hashtags “#WeBrokeUp” & “#우리헤어졌어요” in our tweets ~ every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 7PM KST. We don’t need any format to tweet, just simply spazz and support We Broke Up!

*We (Dara’s Fansites) may change the hashtags to use per episode so stay tuned on our twitter! (@foreverwithdara)

Check your timezone HERE and HERE

Trending Event 2

The most important thing in here is to show how we love and support Dara all the way, no matter what path she’ll take, we will always be right beside her.


That’s all for now ~ If you would like to add more ways to support We Broke Up ~ kindly drop a message below ⬇️ and we will update this page A.S.A.P. 😊

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