About We Broke Up (우리헤어졌어요) Webdrama

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+ About ‘We Broke Up’

We broke up is a romantic comedy music drama based on a Naver webtoon of the same name. It is CJ Et &M and YG first collaboration for a web drama. Its is scheduled to start filming in April and broadcasrted in June. The lead actors are confirmed to be Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon.

Ji Won Young is an aspiring musician and the lead singer of a band while No Woo Ri works at a fashion company. The two met at one of Won Young‘s gigs and their relationship blossomed. Soon, they agreed to live together. Things got complicated when they both decided to break up.

Due to complications with the security deposit and the loan on the apartment, the two have no choice but to keep living together as roommates until the contract is up and when they’re financially able to leave…” (Credits: OneHallyu

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PS. As what we’ve agreed with the other Dara Fansites ~ Let’s all focus watching on YG Entertainment Youtube Channel and NaverTV for We Broke Up, you can also watch on the following list, but make sure to watch it frequently at the mentioned sites. ^_^

+ ‘We Broke Up’ Teasers


WE BROKE UP – Dara Teaser

WE BROKE UP – Seungyoon Teaser

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