17 thoughts on “Affiliates

  1. tudo2ne1

    Hello, we are a Brazilian fanbase dedicated to 2NE1 and would love to be able to have the honor of having them as affiliates or partners. We are big fans of his work and we would be very happy if you can. Thank you for listening, forgive if it was uncomfortable, it was not the intention!

    Name of Site: Tudo 2NE1 or All 2NE1

    Short Description: Brazilian fansite for 2NE1

    URL Banner: http://i.imgur.com/mOuyPUL.gif

    Link of Site: https://tudo2ne1.wordpress.com/

  2. dillanbrown765

    Hello, this is the person who previously asked for permission for a picture. I realized I made an error in the way I asked. Do you have an email that I can contact you with? The kind of confirmation I need will ensure that you’re rights to the pictures will be fully protected going forward and that no one can claim it as theirs, which will result in combative actions (I sound smart for some reason ^_^). Any kind of email is alright. I just need to send the form, and if you are satisfied and comfortable with the terms, you can sign off on it and everything will be great. If you are interested, you can contact me at this email ~darabbit4@yahoo.com~ because I wouldn’t like for anyone to get a hold of it and send you weird things.

    I would absolutely love for this to happen because I am a frequent editor of her Wikipedia page (Kittykat407), and I respect you’re work and efforts thus far. That effort made me a huge fan of you. You’re devotion speaks for itself and to align myself with so much knowledge about Dara is a dream come true.


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