[PHOTOS] 190303 – Our Adorable office Woman Sandara Park ~ attends Thom Browne Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear at Paris Fashion Week

Our adorable little office woman attends Thom Browne for her 5th show!
Either in Korea or in Paris Dara’s always been one of Thom Browne’s front-row special guests.

We know Dara’s aiming for a “working lady” style with her Thom Browne outfit, but let’s be honest she turned out looking like a student attending a very prestigious and expensive middle-school in her Tweed Coat and Mini-skirt partnered with her high-socks and loafer shoes 😅😆.

None the less, this little school-girl got a pretty crazy crowd around her when she arrived in the venue, they were cheering and chanting for her name.

Look at that crowd behind her O_O

Check out the gallery below!

Photo Credits:
amadis_dg / Jay Lim / angelapeachy / ikkinxx23 / Christian Vierig / Jim Seungsoo / maxi2st / jkpopinparis / Yvonne Tnt / Hongje Ahn

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