[SNS UPDATE] Round Up of Dara’s Trip to Manila, Philippines for her “New Endorsement”

After her 7-Days Business Trip in Bangkok, Thailand last February, Dara’s back in Manila, Philippines for a New Endorsement ~ we’re giving a hint, just look around ^.^v anyways looks like Dara had fun with the countdown during her Bangkok trip and did it again in her Manila Trip ~

Her schedule’s been hectic since her arrival, but she never missed to update us about how her day went ❤

Dara: “Thank you for the warm welcome!!! 😀#newendorsement #newfamily

Dara: “Goodnight Manila 🌕 MNL day 1”

Dara: “Goodnight. MNL day 2 📸 by @boysso82

Dara: “Last day of shoot in Manila 😢 mamimiss ko ito. 🌴MNL day 4”

Dara: “Waiting for boarding… ✈ bored & tired 😵👋🏻”

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