[NEWS] “Lets Eat Dinner Together” Japan Shinjuku Episode reached Highest Audience rate with 6.2%

Summer special episode of “Lets Eat Dinner Together” reached highest audience rate.

The authority of audience rating AC Nielsen Korea stated that the “Lets Eat Dinner Together” episode broadcast on July 20th reached the record of highest audience rate which is 6.2%. It is 1.1% higher than Yokohama episode last week (5.1%).

And this is for metropolitan area. For the whole country area the audience rate is 6.0%. It has been the second time that the audience rate climbed to the highest point since the last time on May 10th (Guest: Song Younha and Yoona).

The episode yesterday (July 20th) was talking about Lee Kyungkyu, Kang Ho Dong and Guest Sandara Park and Lee Hongki’s challenge in Shinjuku, Japan. All four of them thought they might fail the challenge so they got into the only 1% possibility to success. Kang Ho Dong and Lee Hongki visited a house of Korean couple and successfully got an early dinner.

Lee Kyungkyu and Sandara Park visited a house with female Korean students and got their meal. By meeting two teenagers in Japan, Lee Kyungkyu recalled his memory of studying abroad in Japan and he was touched.

By the last Yokohama episode, KyungDong brothers found their original intention. In this Shinjuku episode, they revealed life of Korean living in Japan with Kpop star Sandara Park and Lee Hongki.

Source: JTBC
Translated by @MIAO_21

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