[LINE] 170618 ‘Cheese In the Trap’ Final Day Shoot, Dara Had So Much Fun These Past Months

I’m going to CheeInTeu filming.
I forgot my earphones ㅠ.ㅠ I’ve wanted to listen to music..
I always take care of it but I changed my bag! I think I didn’t put it! hooo….
Today is my final shooting for CheeInTeu.
Why 3 months went by like this… it was really fast…
I wanted to film moreㅠ.ㅠ
It doesn’t have a lot of sides in our CheeInTeu filming area but it’s always fun to go in the scenes.
There are difficult scenes also but all did it with fun.
It was even interesting while monitoring it, there were new appearances too. When doing work one by one it seems like I always learn from it.
Get it Beauty is now on summer vacation
(for filming it in advance it still continuously on broadcast but we are on break for shooting it)
That’s why everyone left for their summer break…
but all the MCs are still busy working😂 Anyway it seems like we are all working.
It’s also the case for me.
In fact where is our summer break or winter break to us~
Often if I have time it’s always a quick travel but I haven’t experienced going on a holiday that is set.
If I plan to have a overseas schedule I extend for a few days so I can go sightseeing if not on the day the plane ticket expires then I must go depart quickly.. euheuk✈️ Heum..What shall I eat for breakfast.. Gimbap with cup of rice but it’s a bit dull morning for me there are no shops open at this time.. 😵😵😵 Today somehow I have to kill time~~~ In the morning I don’t eat well but it’s difficult to film with an empty stomach and it might cause heartburn.
In order to live I must eat!!! Then goodnight to all^_^ Annyong~

Credits : WeLoveDara

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