[INSTAGRAM] Our SNS Queen, Dara for the 1st time request everyone to please respect her Privacy.

The Instagram post, where she shared a screenshot of her account being log-out is already deleted in her account. But please, just please let’s respect Dara’s privacy.

Her, being a SNS Queen means a lot to us, she shares things to us even though she knows she’s not obligated to share it, she updates us her fans every time we misses her. So please, on behalf of Forever With Dara PLEASE RESPECT DARA’S PRIVACY. She doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment from her fans.

Please know your boundary as a fan. We love Dara as much as she loves her fans, so please I know its kinda annoying for repeating it, RESPECT Dara’s privacy. Thank you!


Photo Grab from Soompi

Dara: “Don’t hack my account. Respect my privacy”

In the Photo: “You have been logged out of this account. It is possible that the account owner changed the password.”

There are also Articles of Dara’s Hacking incident, if you guys want to read it

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