[INTERVIEW] Korea JoongAng Daily – “Sandara Park jumps into life on screen : The former 2NE1 singer has shifted her focus to finding success in film”

Sandara Park is shifting her focus to acting as she tries to evolve after her time spent as part of girl group 2NE1. With the release of her first lead movie role in “One Step” earlier this month, she is showing the world that she can be a chameleon and continue her already-successful career.

Her role in the music drama is that of a girl who loses her hearing after an accident and learns to enjoy music in her own way through color. She sat down with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily to talk more about changes that have been making her life more diverse.

Q. Do you like challenges?

A. I get scared, but I do like taking on a challenge. My hairstyles show that I tend to do things that others rarely do.

Q.  Are there any differences you have seen since you have shifted your focus from singing to acting?

A.  When I was working as part of 2NE1, I tried to stay bright. But working as an actor I think there are more times when I need to be more serious about my ideas.

Q.  Did you feel weird working without your group members at first?

A.  I was lonely until a few months ago. It felt weird to do things without a leader. I was always hiding behind CL. I think that [now is the time to change because we can’t be an idol group when we are grandmas.] We have all gone our separate ways but this isn’t the end. The members were the first ones to arrive at the premiere of my movie. I want to brag about that, because I felt like I was not alone.

Q.  Do you think the members will get back together later?

A.  There have been cases with other singers, so I also hope for that time to come. I won’t stop doing music, but I won’t be able to do music the same as before. I will work to find out what fits best for me.

Q.  Would you consider making a solo album?

A. Because so many have supported me on stage, I do want to do that but I think I will focus on acting for a while. But whenever I have spare time, I will meet with producers and see if there are any good songs.

Q.  Do you want to have a career doing both acting and singing?

A.  I do want to do both and show the power of a woman in her 30s. I respect what other actors and singers have done, like Um Jung-hwa or Lee Hyo-ri. I want to follow in their footsteps.

Q.  How do you practice your acting skills?

A.  Until two years ago, I was taking acting classes at my agency with other young models and aspiring actors. But after a role in the movie was confirmed, the teacher told me to stop coming.

Q.  Do you feel comfortable when you are on set?

A. I usually do better on the spot. When I did work as 2NE1, I preferred doing an actual recording rather than rehearsing. I feel shy showing everything I have during a rehearsal.

Q.  Do you get offers to take part in work overseas as well?

A. Thankfully I constantly get calls from the Philippines. Nothing is confirmed yet, but there is an offer to doing something with a Filipino actor and we are talking. It is a romantic comedy. I watch lots of Filipino movies, as well as Thai movies.

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

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