[ARTICLE] Sandara Park, her colorful side that was hidden! Behind the Scenes of the photoshoot ~

Sandara Park’s transformation is endless.

Singer, who previously walked the path of an MC changed to being an actress, she is now the main character in the movie (One Step). Sandara Park unveiled her character’s background in ‘Ones Step’ which is Si-Hyun whose memories were lost in an accident and can see sound in colors.

I met Sandara Park who was very into putting herself in various colors, on her own in shooting the scene for ‘Style X’. Her colorful side were revealed in the pictorial behind the scenes.

▲ Thanks to her beauty, Sandara Park who blends well with a pigtails hairstyle. Lips-Shaped see-through dress added to her cuteness.

▲ The Blue and Yellow coordination plus the dominant Red background adds to the colorful feeling.

▲ Sandara Park whose playing with the balloons, leads the filming in a pleasant atmosphere.

▲ This time taking a photo with a heavy guitar. A true professional who held the guitar with poise and strikes a pose, even though its heavier than her.

▲ While shooting, in the process of putting her hair together.

▲ To Style X readers.

Source: Xports News
Translated by tryshingggg@ForeverWithDara
Sorry, if there are mistakes in the translations. 😓

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