[INTERVIEW] Dara’s Interview with 10Asia — Talks About “One Step” Movie

10Asia: You’ve been very busy for the promotion of your movie. Recently, you went to Busan.

Dara: Everything has been very interesting. I haven’t felt physically tired yet. (laughs)

10Asia: The VIP Premiere became a hot topic because a lot of people came. What did you talk about after the movie screening?

Dara: I was extremely nervous during that day. It was my first time doing something like that alone, and I haven’t tried inviting people like that before as well. I was worried that the movie theater would be empty, but a lot of people came. Someone gave me a bouquet, and it was difficult for me to hold it even with both hands. I really felt so lucky to be have good people around. They told me that everyone has a hard time at the beginning, but advised me to hold on because things will get better gradually.

10Asia: The movie’s music remains memorable. With 2NE1’s music, Sandara Park’s voice did not sound as clear and pure.

Dara: It’s the first time I heard my voice like this as well. 2NE1’s music is colorful and mixed with electronic sound. Rap voice had to be used as well. This time, I got to try out a new music genre. It was amazing. In the past, when I was alone, I’d listen to acoustic music a lot. However, I knew dance music better. Recently in Busan, I sang the movie OST live. I was standing calmly but I was trembling inside the entire time. I think I can still do better.

10Asia: You’re always so bright on broadcast, but in the movie, you played a character that had a deep inner wounds. Was that difficult?

Dara: Actually, I have a lot of similarities with the character. Although I’m bright during broadcast, I hear people around me say that I’m gloomy. I’m really rather quiet and shy. Even while I was at school, I couldn’t match well with some friends. Because of that, it’s not difficult for me to get immersed into these types of characters.

10Asia: Your character was suffering from a disease called synesthesia. Was it not the biggest challenge to express this?

Dara: It was hard to search for information about this condition, as it is a very rare disease. There are no references as well. I have also not encountered anyone who has this condition. So I talked a lot with the director about it and had to use a lot of my own imagination. I tried to draw pictures and patterns that mix together. When I saw the finished movie with the effects, I was really amazed. It was as if the pictures I drew in my head were spread open on the screen.

10Asia: It’s your first on-screen lead role. Did it feel like a burden?

Dara: Until now I’m still in a bewildered state. However, I know that 1 lack in so many things, but I feel like “One Step” is my first child. It holds a special meaning to me. There’s a good feeling that I am able to grow a lot through this.

10Asia: The director has given a lot of praise for Sandara Park’s passion.

Dara: Ah, I’m embarrassed. I just did what I usually do… I sit quietly before takes, and then focus when the camera is already rolling. Although the shooting period was really short, it’s good that I didn’t make a lot of NGs as well. It’s just that I like to have things done in one go, so I concentrate a lot. I think he looked upon that prettily.

10Asia: It seems that Sandara Park leaves the message of moving forward towards a better life.

Dara: I think it suits my situation too well. The movie happened at a time like this. (laughs) The movie title also inspires to take one step at a time, which seems to be the same with me.

Translated by : WeLoveDara 12
Transribed by : ForeverWithDara

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