[LINE DIARY] 170402 Dara Assures Fans that She’s Eating Well + “One Step” Movie Promotions

Even with my busy schedule, I’ll make sure to eat well, so please don’t wory ^_^
The other teams seem surprised seeing all of these
No it’s… good to eat well hihihi..
Because of me our staffs are gaining weight kk

Wassup?! Starting from now, One Step promotion will continue on throughout the week~ Ah except for GetByu (Get It Beauty) It’s finally starting now until the time will finally end.
There’s radio guesting for a few days, starting on the 6th, and going on until the 7th, 8th and 9th.
There will be stage greeting schedules as well.
Just to be able to go around different places and neighborhoods… should be amazing…
And after the 9th, we’ll be starting Cheese on the Trap~
There’s so much thing to do, so much that I still want to do, and so little time.
Sleep well, everyone~ Have sweet dreams.

Caps by : littlestone_ 12
Translated by : WeLoveDara 12

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