[INSTAGRAM] ‘Cutie Line’ maknae Jisoo ~ went to support Dara, and looking forward to WINNER’s comeback

Dara: “Pretty~~~ >.< Cutie Line’s maknae, Jisoo, also came to give me her support. Thank you ~ 🙏🏻😀👍🏻 Awesome-cute?! Hihi .. Now where is our second eldest Jinwoo? *looking around* 👀 ㅋㅋㅋ I’m looking forward to WINNER’s comeback, I’ll cheer you on! Ah, so heartwarming …”

Blackpink’s official Instagram posted the photo first with a lovely caption for Jisoo ~

Blackpink (Jisoo): “I was going to post this yesterday but it is a bit late! ㅜㅜ I went to cheer Dara unni secretly at her movie #OneStep VIP preview!💛 Dara unni who always takes care of us😻 She looked so pretty and shined throughout the movie She is the best indeed👍 Thank you so much for the invite>_<“

Translations for Blackpink’s caption via their Facebook Page
ranslations for Dara’s caption via @WeLoveDara

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