[INSTAGRAM] Dara asked her Dongsaengs and Hoobaes that she invited to give a warm message for One Step VIP Premiere on March 29th!

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안녕?! 😀 모두 월요병 없는 산뜻한 월요일 보내고 계신가요? ^^ 저는 지난주에 영화 원스탭을 기자님들께 먼저 보여드리는 언론시사회, 부산에서 관객분들께 처음으로 보여드린 프리미어 시사회를 무사히 마치고, 드디어 이번주에는 저의 소중한 지인분들을 초대하는 VIP 시사회가 기다리고 있어요. 😱🙈 제일 떨리네요.. 콘서트에 초대하는 느낌과는 또 다른 느낌이에요. 😬🙈 오랜만에 두근두근 세근네근합니다. 한분 한분 초대를 하면서 들은 선후배동료분들,지인분들의 따듯한 한마디가 정말 큰 힘이 되네요^.^ 너무 감사합니다 🙏🏻 #원스텝 곧 만나용!!! 😘💕 3월 29일 잠실 롯데시네마 월드타워점 🤗🎬🎟🎧🎞📽

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Dara: “Hello?! Are you guys having a nice Monday? No Monday Blues? ^^ Last week, we showed “One Step” to the media first for a press preview, then we had an audience watching it the first time in Busan after safely finishing the premiere there, and finally this week, we will be having our VIP Premiere, where I invited my friends and acquaintances too. The most nervous .. It’s a different feeling from when you’re inviting someone to your concert. It’s been a while since my heart throbbed as hard as it does now. To each and every one of the dongsaengs and hoobaes that I invited, please give a warm message that will give us a lot of strength ^.^ Thank you very much #OneStep see you soon!!! 😘💕 On March 29th, Jamsil Lotte Cinma World Tower.”

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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