[MAGAZINE] “Believe in Yourself” Marie Claire Hongkong’s muse for their April 2017 Issue is none other than Sandara Park!

Dara also posted the two photos Marie Claire HK posted in her Instagram ~

marie claire HK 💕

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Kang Da Hyun, Dara’s hair stylist shares the photos too from the photoshoot! ^^

. marieclaire hongkong April 2017 . #산다라박#마리끌레르#홍콩#에이바이봄강다현#에이바이봄헤어#에이바이봄#daraxxi #marieclaire #hk#abybomkangdahyun #abybomhair#abybom

A post shared by 청담동 헤어디자이너 에이바이봄헤어이사 강다현 (@kang_da_hyun) on

And of course ~ Dara being the SNS Queen she won’t forget to update both her Twitter and Weibo updating fans for this photoshoot ~ ❤

Check the Gallery below!

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