[INTERVIEW] Marie Claire’s cover girl Sandara Park, Behind-the-Scenes Highlights and 10 Things you want to know about Dara

Behind-the-Scenes Highlights and 10 Things you want to know about Dara

MC: “You often give people a feeling that you’re kind, not fake and cute. What is the real you?

Dara: “Actually its quite like what you described. I’ve been a celebrity for 8 years and have always been the real me (Also, I can’t purposely create another  different personality), the only thing thing that will surprise people is probably my shy and timid personality (laughs)!”

MC: “In this career, who do you want to thank the most?”

Dara: “There’s a lot, but (I want to) especially thank the staffs around me, because even in my high and lows and also when I felt that it was hard, they were always by my side and it helped me a lot.”

MC: “Outside of work, is there anything that you wanted to do but was never fulfilled?”

Dara: “Other than acting career, there is nothing that can capture my interest, even if many people have asked me whether I will do business, the answer is always no.”

MC: “Can you share a hobby that’s lesser known? (There’s a report that said you really like to do laundry)”

Dara: “Haha,(the one) that said I like to do laundry is partially true, I was living in a dorm in the past, it piled up too many clothes and there is no choice but to wash! But now I have my mum helping. Actually, a lot of my hobbies were made public, the fans also knows them. Or there’s one is that I like driving, even though I only recognize the road to the airport …  as I will always go and pick up CL, (my driving) skills are quite good.”

MC: “How would you describe your dress-up style?”

Dara: “I would describe it as orange, as I really like this color, it gives people a feeling of Happy and bright + also brings out a little cuteness and also a bit sexy. Starting from debut, as the group is following hip-hop route, so usually I would dress up in a similar style, I also like street.”

MC: “What do you think is trending in this Spring/Summer season? Personally, what fashion item do you like?”

Dara: “I really like caps and sports shoes, I’ve collected a lot of it the house until it needed its own special room to put the shoes. (Spring/Summer style) should be trending clothing that are luxurious and have more colors. I’m currently working hard to collect shoes and caps to match with the trend, and personally I prefer lightweight and bright color designs.”

MC: “People are envious of your “Small face and Good skin” can you share your skin care knowledge/advice”

Dara: “When I’m tired I will also have pimples and its very rough! I think its because I did not have enough rest. So my skincare advice is to have good and nice sleep, and also following the “1 night 1 mask” trend that is really popular in Korea, before sleeping I will put on mask.”

MC: “What are the items that are indispensable in your makeup bag?”

Dara: “As my skin (type) is closer to the dry side, so lipbalm is essential and also moisturizer + tissues.”

MC: “When you are feeling sad, how do you handle it?”

Dara: “In the past, I would use shouting as a way to vent it out. Now, I would search for some positive quotes and post it to instagram to encourage myself and other people, and also insane shopping! (laughs)”

MC: “What impression do you have on Hong Kong?”

Dara: “I’ve come to Hong Kong a few times, the fans are really passionate, and it makes people really excited! I remember there was once after work ended, I purposely stayed to sight-see and I found aout that Hong Kong’s night view is really beautiful and the food is also not bad.”

Credits: Marie Claire Hongkong
Translated by : GENIUS2NE1 Transcribed by: Forever With Dara

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