[NEWS] ‘One Step’ Han Jae Suk • Sandara Park • Jo Dong In • Hong Ah Reum, on 24th at Busan… Mini Concert

According to the article, the 4 actors of One Step prepared an event for the audience on 24th in Busan.

They prepared something for college students who are spending a busy day called “School Attack” which will be held in a university at Busan without prior notice to have coffee together and share warm stories with the 4 actors of ‘One Step’,though it will be a first-come-first-serve basis.

Then at 8pm, the movie premiere will be held at a movie theater where there will be a mini concert before the showing of the movie to get the chance to hear its OSTS to be sung live right in front of you.

The article also mentioned other performers for the Mini concert which are singer Kim Bo-kyung from Superstar K2, Eve’s vocalist Kim Se Heon who had a good comeback in 2016, co-actor Jo Dong In, and ofcourse the fantastic harmony between Han Jae Suk and Sandara Park who will perform a duet song from the movie.

Greeting of actors and the director ➡ Mini Concert ➡ Showing of the movie is the expected plan for the Premiere on 24th.

One Step will then officially be released on April 6, 2017.

Source: Xports News
Translated by @dragondigbick

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