[LINE] Dara shares her Successful Meal after Get It Beauty recording and Getting Colder in every Recording

Can’t be warm I came from a warm place then suddenly it’s 5 degrees below zero that’s why it’s colder .. I think during Get It Beauty recording days it’s always ~~~~~~ very cold! Goo .. Good Morning~!!!!

I’m more tired today T.T I wake up at dawn everyday that’s why I’m sleepy ~~~~ So my current fashion is this training clothes and slippers .. What kind of fashion is that! I must try and make a living eukyakya

Finished recording! Off to home~!!! Yahoo!!! ^.^ Our time for recording Get It Beauty is quite long and tight. When we had our first recording, we can’t really even eat meals … I think there is no much time and there is also no room for composure. But it depends like when we had our second recording~!! We moved faster, out timing was right, and we were able to order out meal so it was successful!!! We did this every time so ~~  we just order and eat … The waiting room hallway .. reeked of nasty smell .. The room beside me, where a different MC resides smells like Jjajjangmyeon! Don’t tell me it’s not true!!! Whether it’s a bad odor or not I will for that smell .. ^^;; I .. however becomes so hungry when I’m at work so I eat even just one meal. Aww why am I hungry I must eat but if I don’t have an appetite to eat I feel like not eating at all T.T Anyway good job on this day too ~!!! ^.^ Goodnight

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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