[SCANS] HQ/HD Scans of Beautiful and Gorgeous, Sandara Park for Ceci Korea February 2017 Issue with YGK+ Models!

Blackjacks! Here is it ~base on the poll  we made on twitter majority won of having a Scan copy of Dara x Ceci Korea February Issue.

Please do mind, crediting FWD (@foreverwithdara) when taking out the photos in our site is a much appreciated gesture. Feel free to edit or whatever you want to do with the photos ^.^
Enjoy! ❤

Made two sets of the Magazine, one with the whole page set and the other one is Close-up set … Hope you guys will like it ❤ Thank you everyone for supporting Dara and Forever With Dara ~ we really really reallyyyyy appreciate it! ^.^ See you on W Korea Scans 😉

Right-Click on the photo and click “Open Link in New Tab” to see the Full Resolution 🙂
PS. It might take some time to load because the size of the image is too big ^.^v

scan-fwd-ceci-korea-1 scan-fwd-ceci-korea-2

scan-fwd-ceci-korea-3 scan-fwd-ceci-korea-4 scan-fwd-ceci-korea-5 scan-fwd-ceci-korea-6 scan-fwd-ceci-korea-7

Here’s the close-up batch ^.^/

scan-solo-fwd-ceci-korea-1 scan-solo-fwd-ceci-korea-2scan-solo-fwd-ceci-korea-3scan-solo-fwd-ceci-korea-4scan-solo-fwd-ceci-korea-5scan-solo-fwd-ceci-korea-6scan-solo-fwd-ceci-korea-7

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