[LINE] 170304 – Sleepy Dara posted a Stunning Selca in her Diary and shares her “Morning Ramblings”


Good morning … When I have to go to my schedule so early and it’s not yet warm I really feel fuzzy waking up ~

(Mostly when U’m filming fordrama, movie, or commercial, the call time is during dawn T.T waaah) Ah .. even during Inkigayo at 2AM we will go to the shop then at -7AM we will have our dry rehearsal. Woah … How we were able to go through that .. daebakk

Nowadays I have insomnia so sometimes I sleep at around 4-6AM in the morning .. Waa
Eiii anyway ~ I have to do it again! I mostly have my morning sleep .. so I’m very sleepy! T.T However I’m not late ^_^v I woke up right away and prepared but I somehow felt that thew orld is still sleeping so I feel lonely. It’s because I’m alone … It might be that … Dadoong-ah I miss you!!! But knowing here are also a lot of hardworking workers and students who also wake up early in the morning, it gave me strength. Eukyakya hwaiting!!! Aww I don’t know how I would have been if I come back to school. The first class starts at 7AM O.O Wow! Even so it’s warm here it’s ok! If the call time will be at dawn on midwinter then oh my God .. It’s very cold I feel like my body and mind will freeze. 

I will now boil and eat one ganjjambbong (spicy noodles) then have my hair and make-up done ~ I’m rambling from this morning .. Sswari (Sorry) ^^; Have a good day!!! ^.^

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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