[LINE] 170303 – Sweet and Thoughtful Daughter, Dara spends time on what to Buy for her Mother’s Birthday ~


Soon it will be Omma’s birthday but .. Of all time, around her birthday I was busy going to overseas trip so what to do .. what to do .. Just in time! Exactly yesterday! At night time I was able to do it! I have a bit tight schedule this time so I don’t have any other free time except yesterday! That’s why I quickly went to the department store and said I must buy a gift for my mom!!! 

But when I think about what to buy for her .. I bought for myself instead 😀 Are you like that also Blackjacks? Isn’t it difficult to buy a gift for your Ommas?! You want it to be good .. that’s why sometimes if you bought an expensive gift for them, they would rather get angry and tell you why did you spend so much money T.T They just say this because they want us to live simply ..  But again being in the daughter’s position we want to give you a good gift sometimes, so we really don’t know what would be a good gift to our mom. Just us being healthy, working hard, and being well that’s what makes moms happiest isn’t it .. Time is really fast ~Let’s live while treasuring our good memories. Be good to your families too! 

PS. It’s a relief before the department store closes I found a must-buy item! ^.^ This time I hope Omma will like it …

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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