[PRESS PHOTOS] 170207 Naver x Dispatch Release HD Pics of Beautiful Dara Heading to “Get It Beauty” First Shooting

20170206224212_liv_5780 20170206224309_liv_5934 20170206224331_liv_6162 20170206224208_liv_5760

20170206224205_liv_5754 20170206224210_liv_5772 20170206224215_liv_5787 20170206224219_liv_5804 20170206224223_liv_5807 20170206224228_liv_5818 20170206224232_liv_5828 20170206224244_liv_5851 20170206224247_liv_5855 20170206224257_liv_5892 20170206224302_liv_5915 20170206224313_liv_5952 20170206224319_liv_5971 20170206224324_liv_6018 20170206224327_liv_6037 20170206224335_liv_6222 20170206224201_liv_5750

Source : Naver x Dispatch

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