[PHOTOS] 170227 Dara at S.E.S Bada’s Bridal Shower Event

10년지기들 #바다 #산다라박 #최성준 #화이팅

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[INSTAGRAM] 170226 Dara Revives Herself With Energy Drink After a Long Time + Wishes Goodnight

😵Energy drinking, storm drinking after a long time!!!👊

오늘 하루도 잘 마무리 찍찍 🐭🐭🐭 굿밤~ 🤗😴😴😴

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16908746_225635201176022_1567144995494821888_n 16789950_1253770141374580_5020560307936821248_nTranslated by : MIAO_21

[LINE] 170223 – Dara’s Series of Throwback Thursday about her Philippine Valentine Vacation in her LINE Diary ~


Dara: “Only Elites can relate in reading English newspaper .. Whenever you ride a plane they would ask you “Do you want to read the newspaper?” And no one gets it … I just tried getting one at once .. ahahaha .. And thanks to it I was able to deeply asleep .. ^^;; #throwbackthursday”


Dara: “Ssantokki #throwbackthursday”

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