[INSTAGRAM] Dara shares a Black and White photos with 2NE1 members, CL and Park Bom

함께했던 약속들이 생각나 눈물이 흐른다

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Dara:Remember the promises we made together
Tears are falling”

기대고 싶을 때는 찾아와 나 영원히 함께 있어줄순 없지만 잠깐이잖아

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Dara: “When you wanna lean on someone, come to me
Though I can’t be with you forever
It’s just for a moment”


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Dara: “Empathy”


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[FAN-ACCOUNT] a student of J Life School went to a Class where Sandara Park practice her speech for JTBC’s “Talking Street”

3% Communication Valuable Speech

After the lesson, Minho Seonsaengnim told us that “Today at 2:30 PM Sandara Park will come and have her speech and if you are free please come and give a feedback.” Kkyaa~ ~~~ Teacher Minho is JTBC “Talking Road” speech coach. He is really cool.

That’s why we, students of J Life School think this a chance to listen to a celebrity’s speech beforehand.

She is from 2NE1 that I like very much but I pretend to have hawk-like eyes and kept myself composed as we gave feedback to her speech.
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[LINE] Dara gives thanks everyone who made the farewell song possible, especially to Blackjacks for waiting patiently ~


While we had our first recording for Get It Beauty, I was at the studio all day for 20 hours or so.
However —— I fell asleep until writing this part, yesterday at dawn ^^;; What on earth..fainting.. I just woke up.

Yesterday at the recording while I have my full concentration I didn’t even know that it snowed all day. The 21st day has passed… Another day has passed
even today has gone by like this.. Nevertheless…it’s relieving..
that we were able to say goodbye like this to Blackjacks.

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[INSTAGRAM] Sweet Dara, thanks ‘Get It Beauty’ for her Congratulatory Bouquet and reminds everyone to look forward to it ~

Dara: “Thank you for Get It Beauty MC congratulatory bouquet!!! 😆 Everyone did a good job in our first recording~ 2017 #Getitbeauty first broadcast is on Feb.19, Sunday night at 8:20PM ~ Please look forward to it a lot. 😀🙏🏻🙈💐 #Getitbeauty #Onstyle

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