[LINE] Dara gives thanks everyone who made the farewell song possible, especially to Blackjacks for waiting patiently ~


While we had our first recording for Get It Beauty, I was at the studio all day for 20 hours or so.
However —— I fell asleep until writing this part, yesterday at dawn ^^;; What on earth..fainting.. I just woke up.

Yesterday at the recording while I have my full concentration I didn’t even know that it snowed all day. The 21st day has passed… Another day has passed
even today has gone by like this.. Nevertheless…it’s relieving..
that we were able to say goodbye like this to Blackjacks.

Chaerinie who writes lyrics as copying what is in our mind like a ghost and making good song.. the members who sincerely sang it.. to Sajangnim that made this possible to deliver this song to everyone, and to the staffs around us who did their best to help us..who worked really hard despite them being sad and upset..Thank you very much everyone.
And most of all, to our Blackjacks who made this all possible..who didn’t let go, waited, and stayed on their spot for us until the end…What would we do without Blackjacks… 😢😢😢 Thank you very much.

The word “annyeong” is used when we first met and we also use this even when when we are parting from someone.

We should often greet each other “Hello” again~ 👋🏻 Our “Hellos” should come with a smile.. Until that day we meet all together again, Goodbye..but we will always stay in our spot. Even if we will go overseas^^;; We will not waver. That’s right.. Annyeong~ 🤗

PS. The people I worked with on yesterday’s Get Beauty first recording are all have good personality, and they really took care of me so I was able to enjoy it and work comfortably. It’s a relief right? ^^ Thank you everyone. Fighting to me! Fighting to Blackjacks also!!! 👊🏻

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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