[LINE] Dara gives thanks everyone who made the farewell song possible, especially to Blackjacks for waiting patiently ~


While we had our first recording for Get It Beauty, I was at the studio all day for 20 hours or so.
However —— I fell asleep until writing this part, yesterday at dawn ^^;; What on earth..fainting.. I just woke up.

Yesterday at the recording while I have my full concentration I didn’t even know that it snowed all day. The 21st day has passed… Another day has passed
even today has gone by like this.. Nevertheless…it’s relieving..
that we were able to say goodbye like this to Blackjacks.

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[INSTAGRAM] Sweet Dara, thanks ‘Get It Beauty’ for her Congratulatory Bouquet and reminds everyone to look forward to it ~

Dara: “Thank you for Get It Beauty MC congratulatory bouquet!!! 😆 Everyone did a good job in our first recording~ 2017 #Getitbeauty first broadcast is on Feb.19, Sunday night at 8:20PM ~ Please look forward to it a lot. 😀🙏🏻🙈💐 #Getitbeauty #Onstyle

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[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s Final song is first place overseas for three days in top 3 in the main music charts of 7 countries “No Goodbye”


2NE1’s Final song “GOODBYE” continuews to remain strong on foreign music charts even when its the third day since release.

On the 23rd at 8.05AM (KST), ‘GOODBYE’ is currently first place on Thailand iTunes main single chart top singles song. This song was placed, at the same time, 2nd in Philippines and Vietnam, 3rd in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and more, including their first place, they’re remaining strong by stayin in the iTunes main singles chart Top 3 of a total of 7 foreign countries.

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