[INSTAGRAM] Up and Early, hard-working Dara reveals her schedule for the day – “am going to try and talk with everyone”

Dara:Today, I…  am going to try and talk with everyone. I’m not good at conversations at all, but I gathered up all my courage to do a talk busking today. For all the people who want to listen to my story, please come to main entrance of Hongdae at 4PM🙏 I don’t think I’ve had a conversation with Blackjacks like this after all this time, I’m so nervous..😓”

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[LINE] Dara reveals her impulse on how she likes thing and buy it all and uses her AON Nail art collection


My nickname is “DaSandara” (word play of Sandara’s name and hangul phrase which means buy all).

If I like it I buy all…
I tend to impulse buy but thinking about it now it was good. These are like our AON goods, every time when we had our concert I bought all the goods.
Even though I always buy I can’t use it because they are too precious aren’t they. That’s why the members told me to just use it so it won’t get wasted, during our group activities I didn’t even use it even once so today I tried them.


It’s pretty~
It’s colorful and cute.
I think I’m most comfortable communicating with Blackjacks through my diary. I must be conscious with the spelling too..
Ah no ㅠㅠ just try writing comfortably… I’m sorry. *sobs*.. but again growing up kids can see my SNS update so from now on I’ll be more conscious on how I will write. 🙏🏻

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