[FWD PHOTOS] 161211 – Pinoy Boyband Superstar Grand Finals ~ Pretty and Stunningly Gorgeous Blonde Dara!

She looks divine as usual, so what’s new with Dara?
Enjoy the photos! ^.^

Please respect our request by crediting us properly T.T
I really did my best to take beautiful pictures for you guys, so crediting us and not editing or cropping out the logos is really appreciated … Thank you!

[FWD PHOTOS] 161204 – Ethereal Beauty ~ Smiling Judge Dara at Pinoy Boyband Superstar Live Show!


This is the part where Vice Ganda entered the stage, and Dara was shock because of his hair keke >.<


Ssan-tographer in action! She’s so adorable taking pictures of the boys and the fans keke


More photos below!

161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-2 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-3 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-4 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-5 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-6 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-7 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-8 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-9 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-10 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-11 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-12

161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-13 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-14 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-15 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-16 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-17 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-18 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-19 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-20 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-21 161211-pbs-final-fwd-dara-22

Please ~ Take out with FULL credits
Do mind that, editing or cropping out the logo is strictly prohibited.
Thank you ^.^

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