[LINE] 161117 – Tired ~ Yet still Cutie Dara, shares her Thoughts about Travelling and her Experiences before 2NE1’s debut


I’m tired ~ It’s too much to have 8AM Fligh TT I had to wake up at 3.30AM so I had to think about that all night right ~

Since I was young I’ve rode a plane a lot travelling to Philippines .. Lately I’m doing it again so it’s amazing. In elementary on my Senior year was the first time I’ve tried riding a plane going abroad continuously going to economy class until 2NE1 debut we continuously board in business class ~ Time passed by isn’t it? Looking over that “At this rate what type of class should I ride?” It doesn’t really matter which type of class I will ride but as time passed by I always board in business class whenever I have to go to Philippines it just reminds me of my past. You should live in Luxury when you have a schedule ~ Thank you (^^)(__)(^^).

When I was young there is no monitor in Airplane too .. Ah but this is not so long time ago!!! kekeke Nowadays by nature there will be a lot of new models coming out! Only 3hrs and a half to 4 hours travel is really boring so I buy magazines and books to read. I always seat in the middle of my mother and younger siblings that’s my position ~ I continuously seat there ^_^ I kept thinking of my past memories …  Ah … the time ..  I miss analog.

Ack! Now I have to enter the airplane!!! I’ll now change to airplane mode! I’ll comeback safely ~

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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