[INSTAGRAM] S.E.S Bada uploaded a photo with her pretty hoobaes ~ Dara and Rainbow’s Jisook

Bada: “Dara-ya Jisook-ah thank you for being with me~! Our fairies and princesses are pretty~💗”

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[INSTAGRAM] Dara posted a photo with Park Myungsoo and Ryan Bang, greets everyone a “Happy New Year”

Dara: “With cool DJ G. Park Myungsoo oppa on this year’s end!!! 🎤😎 It was very nice to also meet my kind dongsaeng Ryan in Korea~ >.< Happy new year everyone and let’s all be happy this 2017!!! 🎉🎊🙏🏻”

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[INSTAGRAM] Dara shares her concert experience while watching S.E.S’ concert ~ “Congratulations in your Comeback unnies~”

Dara: Went to watch S.E.S sunbaenims concert with Jisook-yang. I heard that fairies appeared and sang a song?! 🎤and they really looked like fairies in person… 😱 Congratulations in your comeback unnies~ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 In my early years there is a program like “Show Tank” where I’ve seen those stages and I didn’t even think I will get to see it for real!!! It feels like I’ve been on a time machine. 😀 Ah these days kids don’t know Show Tank.. ㅠㅠ that’s it… Anyway!!! It was very touching~ Thank you very much to Bada unnie who is always taking care of her fairies and princess hoobaes !!! 🙏🏻bows (__) 😆💕”

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[INSTAGRAM] Fans spotted Dara at an Event with Ryan Bang and Park Myungsoo as the DJ

Dara’s Instagram Story via officialwelovedara

[daraxxi IG Story] #산다라박

A post shared by WeLoveDara (@officialwelovedara) on

Ryan Bang’s Instagram post with Dara and Park Myungsoo

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[PHOTOS] Pictures of Dara at S.E.S concert ~ with Rainbow Jisook and IOI Doyani

Jisook: “kkyak!!! S.E.S.!!! Excited Dara unnie with Jisook 💜”

Doyani: With #SandaraPark unnie who looks younger than us😜❣️
#verypretty #verybeautiful #Hongdae#Dorocy #sefie

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[LINE] Dara relives her diet on what she can eat now and also leaves an encouraging message to Blackjacks


I ate this yesterday!!! Is it Gopchang Bokkeum (Stir-fried Beef Tripe)? There are a few foods that I can’t it right~ but recently I feel satisfied that I’m starting to eat them one by one^^;; I even tried to eat sushi… Although not everything, I just started with salmon.

And I also tried eating sundae (sausage) and tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake) by dipping each one in the soup, and even ate gopchang in the same way and I think it was fine because I’ll eat noodles, vegetables, rice cake, and a lot more. I ate it all, even the rice and stir-fried dishes^.^ I’m 33 years old and I still don’t have a lot of new experiences.

Yesterday there were a lot of things that I wanted to say.. now that I have eaten my meal I can’t remember any of them.. 😵 If I happen to remember it again I will surely write it. 😭🙏🏻 Recently I’m blaming my age for everything. 33?! Dara-ya it’s still a very young age!!! You can do whatever you like!!! Yes.. I hear strange words like this, so it gave me strength again. To people who have same age like me, and to all Blackjacks, if you have a lot of things you wanted to do, don’t think it’s too late and just try doing it👍🏻 But why does my Dara avatar keeps on coming out ㅠㅠㅋㅋ It’s even in my photos. Even in the photo of gopchang?ㅠㅠ 😭

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[INSTAGRAM] Dara shares Snippets of her trip in Palawan, Philippines for KBS Battle Trip

Dara: The hotspring in mid-summer that I like very much 🔥🌴Natural Sea Hot Spring in Maquinit Hot Spring Coron Palawan”


A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Dara: “⛳️🏌️‍♀️?!?”

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[LINE] Dara’s honest, sincere and upfront thoughts about her 2016 Journey and for 2017 ~ “I’ve decided to focus on the happy moments”


There are only a few more days left for 2016. Every end of the year, I never wanted the new year to come since I’ll be aging another year then. But I hope this new year will come faster. ***year!!! Get out of my sight right now!!! (It’s not a curse. It’s a parody for ‘I Don’t Care’) Anyway! It’s a good idea to ring in the new year well.

Around this time of the year, I would have had a resolution that I would work hard at doing for the next year. However, the situation changed a lot a couple or so months ago. But this doesn’t mean that I’ve become a totally different person. It just seems like I need to re-think a couple of things on my bucket list for the future from now on. (being edited now)

When living and trying hard at whatever kind of work, there are several processes that one must go through to gain achievement. But even then, there are many reasons why achievement isn’t attained. Sometimes I do things I don’t want to, sometimes I can’t do the things I want to do, sometimes I have to give up myself, sometimes it’s time zone issues that overlap with timing, but whatever the case, aren’t there several hundred reasons?! In the 7 years of the last 12 years, I worked on and went through a lot of things, and although I’ve had a lot of thoughts during those years, I’ve decided to focus on the happy moments in the past instead of the regrets; I’ve learned to remember only the good things so I could look forward to the future brightly. It’s better to live your days for the future.

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