[INSTAGRAM] Dara posted a photo with Park Myungsoo and Ryan Bang, greets everyone a “Happy New Year”

Dara: “With cool DJ G. Park Myungsoo oppa on this year’s end!!! 🎤😎 It was very nice to also meet my kind dongsaeng Ryan in Korea~ >.< Happy new year everyone and let’s all be happy this 2017!!! 🎉🎊🙏🏻”

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[INSTAGRAM] Dara shares her concert experience while watching S.E.S’ concert ~ “Congratulations in your Comeback unnies~”

Dara: Went to watch S.E.S sunbaenims concert with Jisook-yang. I heard that fairies appeared and sang a song?! 🎤and they really looked like fairies in person… 😱 Congratulations in your comeback unnies~ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 In my early years there is a program like “Show Tank” where I’ve seen those stages and I didn’t even think I will get to see it for real!!! It feels like I’ve been on a time machine. 😀 Ah these days kids don’t know Show Tank.. ㅠㅠ that’s it… Anyway!!! It was very touching~ Thank you very much to Bada unnie who is always taking care of her fairies and princess hoobaes !!! 🙏🏻bows (__) 😆💕”

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[INSTAGRAM] Fans spotted Dara at an Event with Ryan Bang and Park Myungsoo as the DJ

Dara’s Instagram Story via officialwelovedara

[daraxxi IG Story] #산다라박

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Ryan Bang’s Instagram post with Dara and Park Myungsoo

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[PHOTOS] Pictures of Dara at S.E.S concert ~ with Rainbow Jisook and IOI Doyani

꺅!!! S.E.S.!!! 신난다라언니랑 지숙잉💜 . #SES콘서트 #두근두근두근

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Jisook: “kkyak!!! S.E.S.!!! Excited Dara unnie with Jisook 💜”

우리보다 어려보이는 #산다라박 언니랑 😜❣️ #존예 #대존예 #홍대 #도로시

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Doyani: With #SandaraPark unnie who looks younger than us😜❣️
#verypretty #verybeautiful #Hongdae#Dorocy #sefie

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[LINE] Dara relives her diet on what she can eat now and also leaves an encouraging message to Blackjacks


I ate this yesterday!!! Is it Gopchang Bokkeum (Stir-fried Beef Tripe)? There are a few foods that I can’t it right~ but recently I feel satisfied that I’m starting to eat them one by one^^;; I even tried to eat sushi… Although not everything, I just started with salmon.

And I also tried eating sundae (sausage) and tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake) by dipping each one in the soup, and even ate gopchang in the same way and I think it was fine because I’ll eat noodles, vegetables, rice cake, and a lot more. I ate it all, even the rice and stir-fried dishes^.^ I’m 33 years old and I still don’t have a lot of new experiences.

Yesterday there were a lot of things that I wanted to say.. now that I have eaten my meal I can’t remember any of them.. 😵 If I happen to remember it again I will surely write it. 😭🙏🏻 Recently I’m blaming my age for everything. 33?! Dara-ya it’s still a very young age!!! You can do whatever you like!!! Yes.. I hear strange words like this, so it gave me strength again. To people who have same age like me, and to all Blackjacks, if you have a lot of things you wanted to do, don’t think it’s too late and just try doing it👍🏻 But why does my Dara avatar keeps on coming out ㅠㅠㅋㅋ It’s even in my photos. Even in the photo of gopchang?ㅠㅠ 😭

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