Forever With Dara’s Letter to our Angel Sandara Park, to the Iconic Girl Group, 2NE1 and to our friends, Blackjacks

Last Friday, November 25, 2016 .. Everything went down the hill and the fandom is quite shock with the announcement of YG Entertainment disbanding our Beloved and Legendary Korean Girl Group, 2NE1.

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We, Forever With Dara just want to clarify that, we will stand with our Fansite’s name “Forever With Dara” until the very end, until Dara herself tells us Blackjacks and Daralings that she wants to rest and enjoy her life quietly that’s the only time we will stop supporting her, BUT we will Forever Love and Care for her, Always.

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To 2NE1, thank you for the wonderful and great 7 years that you’ve made with us, we know until the end you fought very hard to stay as 2NE1. We’re really grateful  and proud of you girls, to what you’ve achieve as a team, and the bond that you guys had form will always be an inspiration for us. Thank you for sticking with us and loving us in your own way. Thank you for the epic musics and stunning performances you’ve given to us Blackjacks. They’re no other girl group like you, 2NE1, You’ll always be in our hearts and life FOUR-ever.

Credit to the Owner

To Blackjacks. We’ve come a very long and rough way, we’re thankful for your support to the girls and to this site in your own way. Let’s be thankful to the girls because without them we wouldn’t find each other and form a very special family/friendship in this fandom. I myself made new friends and meet awesome people through out this journey, thank you everyone for making every single day special especially when the fandom is in its lowest era. We hope that whatever happens you’ll support 2NE1 as a group or as an individual.


And to the most special person, To Dara.
Sandy ~ Krungy ~ Krung-Krung ~ Dara ~ Darong ~ 2NE1’s Fresh Vocals, thank you to the bottom of our hearts, we can’t express how thankful we are that we have you as our idol and as part of 2NE1. Thank you for loving Blackjacks/Daralings so much to the point that you’re the mos affected in this situation, for being so understanding and our strength when problem rises in the fandom, you really listen to our wishes and pleas, you never gave us up until the end and to be honest? We really don’t deserve you, the way some people treat you breaks our hearts, every time we see someone hating and bashing you it pains us to the core and we can’t to do anything about it. </3

We really wish that you’re getting better and better each passing day, please do remember even we say this a million times already, “We will Always be Here for you! Forever.” Remember that there are a lot of people loving you so much and supporting you! This wish will sound selfish but we really wish that us, Blackjacks are enough to be your strength to conquer this obstacle, just so we know we’re doing something for you, to help you and be your light in this darkest moment. We will never get tired of loving you Dara, please do remember that. I don’t know what to say to you honestly, I don’t know how to take your pain away, to shred the sadness in your eyes and to see that bright and lovely smile again.

Just please always remember, we are here for YOU. We’re your shoulder to cry on so its okay to lean on if you need it, its okay to show that you’re weak because we all know how hard it is for you to keep smiling for us even though its too hard for you. Sandara Park, “I Love You’s” and “Fightings” or any encouraging message out there is probably not enough for now, so let’s heal together and stand up again, together.

Daralings are here, always and forever.
Forever With Dara Family. ❤

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